The beauty of modern women’s hands always requires a special approach, especially when it comes to the design of nails, which is reflected in their shape and length. When it comes to length and shape, it’s up to you. But when it comes to the ultra-trendy manicure and nail art 2021-2022, we can of course help you.

Megamod manicure, regardless of the season, has its own relevant solutions, related exclusively to the seasonal design of nails.

Winter manicure was no exception, which will delight newcomers and super fresh ideas in nail design.

Winter manicure can have its own traditional and familiar patterns and motifs to every young woman, which are undoubtedly found in the winter nail design.

Irresistible winter nail art – these are extraordinary snowflake designs and winter prints, such as winter landscapes, nail art for winter with Santa Claus, deer, penguins, teddy bears.

Refined for winter will be a manicure in the style of marble nail art, which radiates cold, like winter itself. A fashionable knitted manicure repeating sweater and blouse patterns on your nails will seem like a “warming” nail design for winter 2021-2022.

A manicure for winter can be unique in a solemn decision to celebrate the New Year. And in such a winter nail design, nail specialists have not spared the sparkles and rhinestones, bubbles and glitter, leaves and crystal chips, which will make any winter manicure festive and chic.

Winter manicure 2021-2022 can be very different – in light and dark, bright and sober, elegant and for every day. All of these winter manicure variations are featured in our collection of winter 2021-2022 manicure photos for every taste.

New winter manicure trends, which you can see photos of in our review, feature winter nail designs with rhinestones and glitter, kamifubuki and glitter, winter nail art with landscapes, stripes, Christmas balls, snowflakes and snowmen.

Each young lady will be able to take care of a beautiful winter manicure herself, which would match her wishes and would be an excellent completion of the spectacular winter bows of 2021-2022.

Later we will show you the latest manicure trends TOP-10 …

Winter jacket in new solutions

The favorite French nail design does not leave Olympus in nail art fashion and will delight you and me in winter 2021-2022. White nail art “sweater” in tandem with white nail tips will become beautiful. An alternative version of the jacket for winter 2021-2022 will be black with pixie crystals, rubbed or jacket- shadow for winter.

Winter manicure minimalism

If simplicity is above all for you, then you will definitely like the trendy minimalism of winter manicure 2021-2022. Simple and straightforward designs in the style of minimalism, such as origami, lines, stripes and dots, restraint of the decor will make a megastyle of winter manicure trend.

Manicure sweater for winter

When, if not in winter, the pullover manicure will become the most fashionable design in nail design. Elegant patterns in a knitted solution will delight lovers of comfort and warmth, even in the design of nails for winter. Knitted manicure winter 2021-2022 will be beautiful, both alone, also in tandem with a jacket, moon, “broken glass” and other winter trends of the season.

Winter manicure in marble

Sophisticated patterns, reminiscent of natural mineral and marble nail designs, allow you to bring mystery to 2021-2022 winter nail art. A fashionable winter marble manicure should be done with emphasis on several fingers, complementing with sparkles, as well as rubbing. The light tones of winter marble nail art will be familiar, but you can also do bright pink for extra sparkle.

Winter manicure “snowflakes”

What could be more appropriate on fingers in winter, like snowflake designs? Decorate a super trendy nail design for winter with rhinestone snowflakes, crystals, glitter, draw snowflakes, which will turn any manicure into a chic winter version in the best way. For snowflake prints in winter nail art, feel free to use curls and monograms, which will add sophistication to the winter nail design.

Elegant winter manicure

A shiny and elegant winter manicure is mostly associated with the New Year, as well as Christmas. Don’t forget about elegant nail art and design for corporate parties and any other winter celebrations and parties. For such festive events, it is worth looking at an elegant and pretty winter manicure 2021-2022 with crystals and glitter, mica and foil, pebbles and bubbles, which will add shine and irresistibility to the mega-style of winter nails.

Winter manicure with deer prints

If you want a fun manicure to decorate your fingers, then get a winter manicure with deer 2021-2022. A rather bold nail design with deer, horns, bright shades and sparkles will not go unnoticed and will lift your spirits and those around you! Seductive and cute deer will be trendy prints in winter nail art 2021-2022.

Winter manicure kamifubuki

A stunning version of megastyle winter nail design 2021-2022 can be created with kamifubuki. To do this, choose solid and calm confetti or round diamonds and neutral polish shades. An incredibly elegant winter manicure with a color gradient and confetti as a decoration will be a great decoration for pens with a laconic design.

Winter moon manicure

New manicure with holes never ceases to amaze with its superiority and restraint. Winter nail design with holes has many variations – transparent, colored holes, straight holes in a different shade. You can complete the winter manicure with holes with “broken glass”, foil, glitter, stripes and “negative space”, allowing you to take a new look at the winter nail design with holes 2021-2022.

Winter manicure with pixie crystals

No one has negated the effectiveness of winter manicure, and that’s exactly what a pixie crystal crumb will help you, allowing you to focus on one finger in a winter manicure. Cover the surface of a nail with pixie crystals in a certain shade and the shine, glamour and irresistibility of a winter manicure is provided to you with pixie crystals.

Winter nail design novelties of the season 2021-2022: TOP-10 nail design ideas for winter

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