Stylish glasses have long ago moved from the category of “necessity” to an original accessory for most lovely ladies. In the modern world eyeglasses are not a sentence, because if necessary they can be replaced by contact lenses. But it’s not just a matter of being able to see well, beautiful glasses are an essential … Lees meer

24 horrorfilms op Netflix om voor Halloween te bekijken

It’s the latest trend-buster, everyone is talking about it and they’re not wrong. Lars (Aksel Hennie) and Lisa (Noomi Rapace) are the protagonists of this film that already begins with an unexpected twist: marriage that goes wrong and goes to a cabin in the woods, which would be a reconciliation getaway, but this time hides … Lees meer

Hoe ringen om meerdere vingers te dragen: Draag veel, veel ringen aan je handen

Is it possible to achieve balance with a tendency to excess? We’ve compiled the images you need to see to clarify your thoughts on the matter. The trick: insert small (but very small) rhinestones and make a nude manicure almost imperceptible. Do not wear more than two rings on the same hand. The trick: combine … Lees meer


Modern girls are not afraid to decorate their bodies in different ways, which can differ by quite bold ideas. One of these solutions is to apply a tattoo on different parts of the body. Let’s say right away that the decision to get a tattoo, even the smallest one, is a difficult step that must … Lees meer

Hoe draag je als A+ student een afstudeerpet en capuchon (ook als je dat niet bent)

The use of cap and gown in a graduation ceremonyIt is a timeless tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages. While students have been wearing cap and gown for centuries, that doesn’t mean we know exactly how to wear the outfit. From graduation hoods to graduation tassel side donning to attaching the graduation cap, … Lees meer

ik draag speedos-teksten (Despacito Parody)

Looking for “i wear speedos lyrics” Below we offer you the full lyrics of the parody of the song Despacito. Enjoy! [Intro]I’m…Mikey! (Oh)This is a song! (Speedo)Hey yeah, go!Me, I prefer to be free-moving when I swimNo extra clothing to wear me down (so good)Beach is where I like to work on my sun-kissed skinBut … Lees meer

Mcdonald's Pokemon kaarten

Today we are super excited because the Pokemon Happy meal toys are finally here for february 2021. And we wouldn’t exactly call these toys! Because we’re getting cards and we’ll show how to get them below. Mcdonald’s has had Pokemon sets in the past. But here is the current set. So it says 4 Pokemon … Lees meer