Nodal changes his look and shows a tattoo that covered Beli’s eyes

Three months after his breakup with the singer Belinda, the changes in the life of the Mexican singer-songwriter Christian Nodal do not stop, because after a controversial fight with the singer’s mother, now the interpreter of Goodbye Love surprised his followers with a radical change of look and showing the design with which he covered Beli’s eye tattoo.

Something that characterizes the singer is that he is not afraid of changes and that was something that he made very clear on May 29, since he surprised the public at his presentation in Hermosillo, Sonora, when he arrived with short hair painted yellow with some orange flowers and green details.

Christian Nodal surprises with a change of look with yellow hair

In addition to his new look, through his Instagram stories, Nodal showed his nails painted blue with some black details.

The radical change of look of the singer was not long in stealing the eyes of both the media and his fanswho could not help but compare his appearance with that of the reggaeton singer J Balvin, characterized by wearing this type of color in his hair.

Christian Nodal wearing his new yellow hair dye with orange flowers

However, this was not the only thing that Nodal gave something to talk about, since a few days ago, in a live broadcast, the singer appeared without a shirt, revealing the design with which he covered Belinda’s eyes.

Although the singer said that he covered the actress’s eyes from welcome to eden With huge wings during an interview with Laura G, in the video you can see that it was more than that.

Comparative image of the tattoo of Belinda's eyes on Nodal's chest with his new design with which he covered them

By leaving his chest uncovered, it can be seen that the tattoo is about two skulls facing each other. While one wears a headdress, the other wears what appears to be a helmet and in the middle of them is a huge eagle flying, confirming that the eyes of her ex-girlfriend are no longer present on her chest.

Another of the tattoos that fans noticed that the singer-songwriter covered up was the one with the phrase “Utopia” followed by a heart, which had also been made in honor of Belinda. This design was covered with a Hawaiian-style flower in pink.

In an Instagram live, Nodal shows the new design with which he covered Belinda's eyes

These are just some of the changes that Nodal has recently made, since through his social networks, he has shared the new tattoos that he has made on his chest, arms and face.

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