On mission first female pilot of the US Marine Corps

Captain Anneliese Satz made history by completing her training program last June to become the United States Marine Corps’ first female F-35B fighter pilot; She will shortly be leaving to join the 121 Attack Squadron in Japan.

Historically, the F-35 program is the most expensive weapons system in military history. The Lightning II aircraft that was assigned to Satz reaches a top speed of 1,200 miles per hour (1.6 times the speed of sound), has a combat radius of 833 kilometers, and is estimated to cost around $229 with full equipment. millions of dollars.

Captain Anneliese Satz adjusting her helmet to pilot

Before joining the Marine Corps, the captain had a commercial license to fly a Robinson R44 helicopter; Four years ago this served as the basis for him to start primary flight training and later join the 501st Marine Strike Training Squadron, but now he is capable of piloting the F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter, the first STOVL stealth aircraft. world supersonic.

Anneliese Satz’s achievement comes 24 years after the Marine Corps had its first female aviator, although it was in 1943 during World War II when a group of women first piloted United States Air Force aircraft, forming the call Women Air Force Service Pilotsdespite the fact that their function was very different since they only transported and tested aircraft or trained others to free male pilots in combat actions.

F-35B aircraft starting forward

On this occasion, Satz, piloting his fighter with the ability to land vertically, will be part of the green knightsthe Japan-based Sea Warriors Strike Squadron 121 and the first to complete a deployment with F-35B units aboard a Navy ship.

In a statement issued by the pilot, she thanked her instructors, maintenance managers and all those who enriched her with their experience in the study program that included more than 300 flight hours, “I am incredibly excited to arrive at VMFA-121 and I hope I look forward to the opportunity to serve in the Fleet Marine Forces,” he said.

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