Patient captures doctor watching tutorial before treating her

Going to the doctor is already a stressful situation, because you never know what diagnosis you will receive from the doctor. However, this fear does not compare to the one experienced by a girl in the United States, who caught her doctor reviewing a tutorial on YouTube minutes before operating on her.

Everything was recorded on video and this was shared on TikTok, a social network in which he gained great popularity for showing something unusual in a hospital.

Patient captures doctor watching tutorial on YouTube before operating

TikTok user @isi_Iynott shared a video showing her doctor watching a YouTube tutorial related to the surgery she was about to perform to remove a cyst.

No, the doctor watching a YouTube video on how to cure my cyst.

The clip immediately went viral because no one expects their specialist doctor to review an online tutorial before undergoing surgery. As expected, this sparked various criticisms against the medical staff and their ability.


got their MD at YouTube university #MakeItCinematic #fyp #GameTok

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In the end, the girl came out of her operation well and clarified on her social networks that the video was just a joke, that her doctor was fully trained and understands that it never hurts to review any data.

For the last time, I thank all the doctors and nurses and understand that they are not walking encyclopedias.

This TikTok was just a joke! I’m glad it refreshed your memory and helped me all along. My friend and I were laughing at what was happening in front of us.

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