People taking flower decorations in Polanco are criticized

The fourth edition of the Festival of Flowers and Gardens (FYJA), which took place from October 20 to 23, has the concept of showing the botanical beauty of Mexico and reminding people of the importance of life. In addition, it is famous for beautifying the streets of the Polanco neighborhood in Mexico City with natural flowers.

Under the title Be rebornthis famous festival seeks to put aside the use of sponges so as not to generate more environmental pollution, which is why they adorn the facades of the 90 stores that joined to participate on this occasion with various types of flowers, colors and incredible designs.

Flower decoration on the facade of Samborns in Polanco, Mexico City

After the celebration of said festival, some videos began to circulate on networks where a group of people could be seen dismantling, destroying and taking away the flower decorations placed in different points of the streets, an action that did not take long to provoke criticism from the users.

Among the various recordings, one of the clips that went viral shows the exact moment in which a man is seen hanging from one of the murals exposed outdoors while, little by little, he dismantles it and passes him flowers and ornaments to the people around them, waiting for their arrangements.

Another of the videos in question was recorded on Masaryk Avenue, where a crowd of hanged people is seen picking and picking the best flowers from the signs, while their relatives tell them which ones to cut. Near the end of the video, people can be seen carrying their bouquets on the way home and other people trying to take photos with the few remaining decorations.

The videos soon became popular on networks, where they were not only shared, but also went viral due to the endless criticism and negative, offensive and classist comments with which various users described people’s actions.

Among the comments, there were those who said that the action was not about vandalism or a bad action by the citizens, but that, by putting the situation in context, they assured that the people had the permission of the organizers to take the flowers, since that they preferred to give them away than simply waste them, throwing them in the trash.

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