Perfect shoes to complement your ‘look’ with mom jeans

The world of fashion is constantly changing and every day there is a new trend that we all want to be part of. However, there are garments that become a classic and are here to stay, such as the famous mom jeansthose denim pants so versatile that they cannot be missing in your closet.

Their shape and style make them the ideal pants for any occasion, all you have to do is combine them with the right accessories and shoes to have the outfits perfect. If you like them mom jeansbut you do not know what type of shoes to combine them with, here we list some footwear ideas that will achieve the perfect balance to complement your look. look.

1. Look fresh with platform tennis

girl walking wearing mom jeans with tapeworms platform

2. Or with casual sneakers

girl standing on the edge of a boardwalk wearing mom jeans combined with a black top and casual sneakers

3. It can be with loafers

woman taking a photo in the mirror wearing an outfit with mom jeans and flat shoes

4. With your most comfortable sandals

girl taking a picture in the mirror showing her wardrobe

5. Or with huaraches with low heels

girl posing a mom jean with heeled sandals

6. Strappy sandals are perfect

woman posing on a street in mom jeans and stiletto heels

7. The sneakers will give a more formal touch

woman from behind showing her mom jean with black sneakers

8. Without leaving out the boots

woman crossing a street while posing her mom jeans with white boots

9. The booties

woman posing on a street with her feet crossed

10. And the extravagant Dr. Martens boots

girl posing to show her look in the middle of an alley

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