Photos of men who show that being parents makes them happy

In most families, women are the ones who take care of the upbringing of children, although there are some exceptions and it is becoming more common to see men more involved in childcare.

The study “Parents’ Time with Kids More Rewarding Than Paid Work – and More Exhausting”, carried out by the Pew Research Center, assures that, for the most part, parents believe that being in charge of caring for their children is much more burdensome than work they do for pay. However, despite the fact that they find more satisfaction with their children, fathers spend less time with them than mothers.

Gif of a girl playing with her dad while touching his face

On the occasion of the celebration of Father’s Day, in this article we decided to honor those men who are the breadwinner of the family, thank them for all their love, tell them how much we love them and how important it is to have them in our lives.

And the photographs that we present to you right away are proof that there are men who enjoy fatherhood so much that spending time with their offspring is the most rewarding and happy thing in their lives. Happy day to all fathers in the world!

1. A hairstyle done by dad

Photograph of a girl showing off her hairstyle

2. The first steps are your first achievement

image of a man excited to see his son's first steps

3. This happens when you are the father of a girl

photo of a man with a crown and girlish accessories on his beard and hair

4. Three generations in one photo

photograph of a man with his son and grandson

The first photo is me and my father in 1990. The second is us with my son; same house, same place and the same smiles.

5. The ideal moment for an unexpected hug

boy hugging his father from behind

Due to his autism, this child has sensory sensitivity and does not always like physical contact with others. But right in that photo, he surprised his father with a hug while they waited for the bus.

6. Manicure day with dad

image of the hands of two girls with their father's showing the painted nails

This single dad took his daughters to get their nails done and he was up for it too, it was his first time and they look amazing!

7. The men’s room needs changing tables

photo of a man changing his son's diaper sitting on the floor of a public toilet

8. A haircut just as bad as dad

picture of a girl with the same haircut as her dad

9. The heart of hugs

hand of a man with the drawing of a pink heart

The drawing on this man’s hand is called the “hugs button.” Since his wife died, his 4-year-old daughter can’t stand being away from him. So her teacher draws a heart on her hands when she drops her off at school, and every time she pushes it from her they send each other a hug. She helps her daughter feel connected to him.

10. Homemade wheelchair

image of a baby in a homemade wheelchair

After his son was born disabled, a father put together this wheelchair for his baby.

11. They are the ones who fill you with energy

baby holding his father's hand

12. The moments by his side become the best

photo of a man holding his baby in front of the mirror

13. He will surely be a great chef

image of a child playing with a toy kitchen

14. Graphic description of Home Office

man carrying his daughter while working on the computer

15. A delicious car soup

toy plate with strollers inside on a table

16. Although the years go by, it will always be your baby

image of a man with his baby daughter and today

17. A well-groomed beard speaks well of you

man with his daughter who braided his beard

18. They are the children I always wanted to have

man in the middle of his 4 daughters dressed as men

19. They make the impossible easy

man feeding his 3 babies

20. They bring out the creative side

girl with a purple wig and a green dress

21. They manage to put on your shoes

photography of pairs of shoes on the floor

This girl put her sandals inside her dad’s work shoes so she could wear them and “be like him.”

22. A detailed and attentive father

photograph of a girl's bedroom with lights and in pink

After fighting for the custody of his daughter for more than a year, this father won it, so he arranged that room for his daughter.

23. They do everything to see them smile

boy in a wheelchair in the form of an excavator

This boy’s father turned his wheelchair into a bulldozer for a Halloween costume.

24. This happens when the father takes care of the baby

man taking a selfie while his baby is on the stair railing

The first time this man took care of his baby, he made this image in Photoshop and sent it to his wife.

25. How not to love each other if they are just the same!

photo of a man smiling while holding his daughter in front of the bathroom mirror

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