Pianist went viral for playing ‘Mi bebito fiu fiu’ in a restaurant

My baby fiu fiu It is a song that in a few days became a trend among social network users; It became so viral that it began to be heard everywhere and TikTok was filled with videos with this melody in the background.

Its success was so controversial that the story was even shared that the song was inspired by the messages of a love affair by the former president of Peru, Martín Vizcarra, and was even removed from digital music platforms because the Peruvian DJ who adapted the tune did not have the necessary copyrights to play the song.

screenshot of the pianist who played the melody of my baby fiu fiu in a fancy restaurant

Once again, the theme My baby fiu fiu It went viral on TikTok, but this time in a more elegant and sophisticated way by a pianist who, during his presentation in a luxury restaurant, was surprised by the good response that the diners had, so he recorded it and decided to share it in his networks.

The person in charge of viralizing the recording was Daniel Crutze, a tiktoker famous for sharing videos of him playing songs of all genres on the piano, songs that his followers ask him to turn into classical pieces and that he plays in the luxurious restaurant where he works.

It was like that to please his audience, when the sheet music of the song arrived, with some uncertainty due to the reaction of his audience, Daniel played the song, taking a great surprise due to the good acceptance and reaction of the diners.

In the video you can see that when the young man begins to play the piece of My baby fiu fiuthose present identify it immediately and begin to sing it while they turn to see it and a few record the moment.

pianist goes viral for playing my little baby fiu fiu in a fancy restaurant

Users could not avoid making the boy’s video go viral, so shortly after it was uploaded to the platform, it went viral, gathering more than five million views and more than four thousand comments from people who debated knowing which version the boys sang. diners, whether the version of Eminem or the parody that became popular recently, to which Daniel replied that, to the chagrin of some, they all chanted the lyrics of My baby fiu fiu.

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