Police find abandoned dog along with a note

Adopting an animal as our pet is not a decision that should be taken lightly, because they are living beings that will depend completely on the care that their owners give them throughout their lives, so adopting any pet represents a commitment. of years.

Sure, we can never know what direction life will take or what our circumstances will be in a few years or even months. Someone may adopt a pet when they had all the facilities -emotional, economic and time- to care for them, but over time, this has changed and they realize that they can no longer give their beloved pets a good life. This is probably what happened to a dog that was rescued a few days ago in Brazil.

“Please help”

Last Friday, November 22, police officers from the city of Aquiraz, in the state of Ceará, in Brazil, found a dog tied to a tree, and on the leash with which they tied her there was a note that said the following:

Please help. Do not let me die.

Dog’s name: Lesié. Take care of my friend. I did not have the conditions to do it. I ask you not to let her die and to take good care of her.

will be put up for adoption

The policemen who found her, took her and took her to a veterinary clinic to assess her health and, despite the fact that she has ticks and is a little malnourished and dehydrated, in general she is fine. Currently, the dog is undergoing treatment to get rid of the ticks and return to a healthy weight so they can start looking for a new home for her.

Of course, what the owner of Lesié did was not the right thing to do, although we can imagine a thousand scenarios as to why he could no longer take care of her, the ideal would have been to find her a new family and make sure she was going to live in good conditions. worthy, not leave her tied to a tree hoping someone would take pity on her.

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