Post Malone suffered a spectacular fall in concert in St. Louis

Recently, the American rapper Post Malone became a trend in social networks, since he was involved in a spectacular accident when he fell into a hole that was in the middle of the stage at one of his concerts in the United States. Fortunately, he was immediately treated by the local medical team.

The sharp drop took place last weekend at the Enterprise Center during the Show of the 27-year-old singer in St. Louise, Missouri, United States, where in the middle of a song you can see that while walking on the stage platform, he suddenly falls into a ditch-like hole and hits his face and hands. ribs.

Falling into the large opening of the stage and after the strong blow, the interpreter of goodbyes stopped singing and began to complain of pain and ask for help, so staff from the staff He approached to help him while the public, puzzled by the situation and the artist’s state of health, was immediately concerned.

After screaming in pain, he was quickly treated on stage, where after standing up, they put an oxygen tank on him to leave the stage and take him to check that he had no serious injury.

Photograph of rapper Post Malone on stage

After a few minutes of examination and medical attention, Post Malone returned to the stage to continue his presentation, thanking his fans for your patience and waiting, apologizing for the setbacks and mishaps that have occurred.

Although the rapper continued with the Showduring the rest of the concert he did not stop touching his ribs and chest, since they hurt him after the accident, which is why his fans They assure that the presentation lasted less than expected.

The day after the concert, Post was taken to the hospital for a more complete and accurate review of his health. Later, the singer published a video in which he assured that everything is under control and that he will continue with his tour.

Thanks for the patience, thanks for putting up with my stupidity… We just got back from the hospital, everything is fine, they gave me some painkillers and everything so we can keep kicking butt on tour.

The videos of Post Malone’s fall soon went viral on Twitter, where users present at the concert did not hesitate to share the recordings from different perspectives of the rapper’s spectacular accident.

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