Qatar’s official hotels ask tourists to avoid looking ‘gay’

The Qatar 2022 World Cup is one of the most anticipated by soccer lovers, as it was postponed to be held in November because it will be held in a country whose high temperatures do not allow it to be held in June as is normally the case. .

However, that has not been the only change that has been made during this edition of the World Cup, since one of the biggest controversies that have arisen are the limitations and strict rules that tourists must follow according to the laws that govern the country. Arab.

gay pride flag and a soccer ball in a stadium

After all the prohibitions, such as alcohol consumption, displays of affection in public and sexual relations outside of marriage, the most controversial restriction was that of homosexual behavior and clothing, since this is punished in that nation.

Based on that, the news has just been released that some of the official World Cup hotels in Qatar have completely refused to accommodate gay people, while a few others will give them access as long as they change their behavior. during their visit, so they ask that they not dress or act like gay.

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Both the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) and the Qatari authorities have tried to ensure that everyone, without distinction, can attend and celebrate football matches, including LGBTQ+ fans, but as long as they comply with the laws that govern his country. It was thus that they decided to adapt the festivities by imposing certain rules to follow so that they are not fined and even taken to prison.

Given the severe restrictions, a couple of journalists took on the task of posing as a couple gay in search of a room and visited 69 official World Cup hotels in Qatar, to see how they were received on the site.

Photo of Gianni Infantino FIFA President

Three of the hotels visited refused them access and told them that their reservation was against hotel policy. While in another 20 hotels they were asked to modify their behavior and avoid displays of affection in public during their stay, suggesting that they “not dress or behave like gays”.

If you wear makeup and dress ‘gay’, it is against the policy of the country and the government. But for our hotel, it’s okay to book, if you dress appropriately and don’t engage in sexual behavior or kiss in public.

Soccer fans with gay pride flags

Although 33 hotels of the officials in the list recommended by the Qatar World Cup accepted that the couple gay of this experiment stayed at their facilities, the rest did not or had certain doubts and concerns about doing so.

This whole situation has generated disgust and great rejection on the part of organizations that defend human rights and the rights of the LGTBIQ+ community, who have raised their voices saying that they are being discriminated against because of their sexual orientation and that they are not being included. as FIFA and the Qatari authorities had previously said.

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However, the Qatari government has made it clear on more than one occasion that LGTBIQ+ people can book and even share a room during the tournament, as long as they respect the laws of their country.

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