Quinceañera was planted by guests and waiters celebrate it

Unfortunately, there are more and more viral cases on social networks in which people tell their sad experience of being stood up by their friends on their birthdays. Therefore, to let off steam, they decide to share it on social networks.

This time it was the turn of Anne, a young fifteen-year-old from Chetumal, in the capital of the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico, who reserved a table at a restaurant to celebrate her XV years. However, none of her guests attended her, so seeing her alone, the waiters decided to save her day and celebrate her.

Quinceañera was planted by her guests and the waiters celebrate her

The incident occurred at the Wilkins restaurant, a place the girl chose to celebrate her 15th birthday with her friends. However, as the minutes passed and the agreed time of the meeting arrived, the young woman realized that none of her guests were arriving, so she decided to give them a little more time and wait a little longer.

Time passed and when it was past the time she summoned her guests, the fifteen-year-old realized that she had been left standing, for which the girl became very sad and began to cry.

Waiters celebrated a girl's birthday in Quintana Roo

Seeing the situation, both the employees of the establishment and some of the diners who were in the place decided to save the day and do something so that their sad moment would become a happy memory.

So they approached Anne with a cake, a candle and began to sing the traditional morningsto then congratulate her and pamper her so that she would forget the bad time she had had.

quinceañera surrounded by waiters who celebrated her birthday in Quintana Roo

I never imagined living this, the fifteen-year-old was stood up by her own family and friends, but that didn’t stop us, the waiters and customers gathered to celebrate her while she was in tears. I am proud of my team for her support in singing for her.

– user Joshua Drageneel wrote on Facebook

The photographs of the moving act of those present at the restaurant were shared on Facebook, where a user revealed the sad experience of the fifteen-year-old who was planted by her friends and it did not take long to go viral. Even the official website of the restaurant shared a photograph congratulating the girl and thanking her for making them part of her special moment.

screenshot of a facebook post from the quinceañera who was planted

In a few hours, the publication went around the Internet, where countless users advised the girl to be more selective when choosing her friends to prevent this type of situation from happening again.

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