Rumors spread that Anuel AA and Yailin are divorcing

According to different media outlets in the Dominican Republic, the marriage of Anuel AA and Yailin, the most viral, is in the midst of a crisis so severe that it has even led them to initiate divorce proceedings.

The couple who are approximately 69 days married had been showing how well their relationship was flowing. However, the rumors of the crisis began when the influencer Yailin closed her Instagram account and they no longer uploaded stories together, as they did before, on the singer’s profile.

anuel aa and yailin

In the Dominican program this is not radio It was assured that in addition to going through this conflict, Yailin is pregnant and it is understood that the reasons for the alleged separation are related to the previously agreed conditions that both accepted in the prenuptial agreement, where it is specified that the interpreter of if you look for me could not get pregnant for a certain time.

This rumor quickly became viral, as the couple used to upload stories constantly and bragged about how happy they were since their relationship began, but for some time now, they stopped doing it. In fact, the last photo that the reggaeton player shared with her still wife was to congratulate her on her birthday.

yailin's birthday

It is worth mentioning that no one has spoken about it and that gives rise to another theory, since the Dominican journalist Moisés Salce commented on the television program end to end that beyond a separation, Yailin and her team may be creating a marketing strategy to promote their new musical project.

yailin and anuel

This could mean that the rumors of their separation or pregnancy are not true and everything is a way to get the attention of the media and the general public. We will have to wait for some other information regarding these speculations.

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