Sagittarius tattoo: 70 popular centaur tattoo designs

The zodiac sign Sagittarius is represented as a centaur shooting a bow. This image is most often used as a sketch for tattoos. Often Sagittarius use an image of a glyph (arrow) on their body, which looks minimalistic and not as voluminous as a centaur. The Sagittarius tattoo is most often depicted by people belonging to this zodiac sign. What can not be said, for example, about the zodiac sign Scorpio or Leo. Centaur tattoo can be adopted even by those people who were not born under these signs of the zodiac.

Sagittarius tattoo: meaning and interpretation of the image

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the twelve signs of the zodiacal circle. Sagittarius belongs to the element of fire, the planet Jupiter is considered its manager. Sagittarians are by nature independent and active people who love to travel and discover new spaces. Sagittarians are distinguished by their openness and the ability to easily make new acquaintances.

Sagittarius are prone to analytical thinking, so they make good thinkers and philosophers. Having a huge store of knowledge and impressions, accumulated through travel and acquaintances, Sagittarius are considered good conversationalists. The negative qualities of character include laziness and vanity.

From an astrological point of view, Sagittarius is a mutant. Sagittarius successfully combines passion and activity, the ability to adapt to any situation, ingenuity. Visually, the image of a centaur looks quite voluminous, so it is better to place it on the forearm, back or hip.

Sagittarius or Centaur: basic sketch characteristics

Sagittarius is most often depicted as a centaur with arrows. This leaves a certain imprint on the character of a person born under this zodiac sign. The centaur combines the strength of a horse and the wisdom of a man. These mythical animals have always aroused interest and fear in people.

Large tattoos with a centaur are stuffed by creative people, thinkers, philosophers, teachers. Sagittarius is interested in everything around, they are like sponges, absorb all the information, both physical and mental. A tattoo with a Sagittarius symbol or a constellation can indicate a versatile and strong person.

A sketch with a centaur, who is about to shoot an arrow, suggests that the owner of the tattoo is ready to fight for a place in the sun, has an inner strength that will help him cope with any difficulties. Arrows and a bow indicate that a person can stand up for himself, he is always alert and ready for battle.

A tattoo with a Sagittarius will help its owner to protect himself from narcissism, will help to focus on the main goals, not to take problems to heart. Sometimes there are sketches where Sagittarius is depicted with two faces, one of which is directed forward and the other is directed backward. Such a sketch is interpreted as focusing on the past and the future, recognizing past mistakes and planning future steps.

Where to get a Sagittarius tattoo?

Tattoos with a centaur or Sagittarius are not recommended to be filled above the waist. It is believed that a strong part of people born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius is their legs. If you place the tattoo above the belt, then luck may turn away from the person, he will be accompanied by disappointment.

Centaur tattoos are most often drawed on the thigh. There is enough space to place a large tattoo that will show in detail the beauty of the selected sketch. The tattoo can also be placed on the tailbone or buttock. It is important that the arrow of the centaur is directed to the right side, up.

The constellations and the Sagittarius symbol are also best positioned in the lower body, however, these rules are often violated. Clients often ask the artist to get a small tattoo on his shoulder, arm or neck. For the tattoo artist, the client’s word is law, so a tattoo with Sagittarius on the shoulder or back is not uncommon.

Sagittarius tattoo colors

Tattoos with a centaur are best done in natural shades: black, brown, flesh. Such a decision will help enhance the influence of the tattoo on a person’s life, give him courage and strength. Often, a tattoo is decorated with fiery shades: orange, yellow, red. Sagittarius belongs to the element of Fire, so the use of these shades is quite acceptable.

If you want to balance your character, bring calm and harmony into life, then it is better to stay on neutral shades. The best shades for Sagittarius, according to astrologers, are purple and pale blue. Tattoos in the form of a constellation or a symbol of Sagittarius are best done in black.

Sagittarius tattoo for men and women

The meaning of a centaur tattoo is the same for both men and women. On men, tattoos are most often performed in a realistic style, with the smallest details being drawn. This makes the tattoo voluminous and large. The constellation or symbol of Sagittarius looks good on girls. Usually such a tattoo is placed on the foot, on the arm, on the collarbone.

Men often choose sketches where the centaur is depicted as a mythical creature, strong and aggressive. Often, sketches are supplemented with fire, a graphic representation of Jupiter, and runic symbols.

A tattoo with the Sagittarius symbol means the desire for freedom and independence, the disclosure of creative potential. Girls often complement a symbol or constellation with cosmic elements, colors, lines.

The Sagittarius tattoo has a dual meaning. On the one hand, Sagittarius is characterized by a striving for the ideal, on the other, a willingness to constantly confront and fight. A tattoo with a centaur, symbol or constellation will in any case serve as a talisman for its owner. According to tattoo artists, it is not the sketch that is important, but the value that the person attaches to the image on his body.

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