Sanction imposed on influencer who closed bridge in Guadalajara

Almost a month ago, we shared the case of the influencer known as “Fofo” Márquez, who together with a group of friends closed the Matute Remus vehicular bridge, in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, to record some TikTok videos.

Despite the fact that a few days after the incident, the content creator offered an apology to the public for his bad action, after several formal complaints from the inhabitants and after a complaint that the municipality filed against him for attacking the communication routes, this August 10, the sanction that will be imposed on the youtuber.

Given the complaint that the municipality filed against him, Rodolfo had to go to the 11th Court of Control and Orality of Puente Grande, Jalisco, where he was informed that as punishment for having closed the bridge he must make a donation of 35,000 pesos in species to the Villas Miravalle children’s stay, of the DIF Guadalajara, with a deadline for next August 31.

Also, the influencer who is used to showing his millionaire life in networks must complete 12 hours of community work. The first task that was imposed on him was to sweep under the Matute Remus bridge, wearing an orange vest, this August 10.

I no longer want to enter into this type of controversy and problems with the Government. Mr. Lemus, I apologize to you and your government, I don’t want to get into trouble with your government, I did it to generate content. If you have children or a wife, I suppose they consume TikTok, explain a little more how social networks work.

– Rodolfo, “Flabby” Marquez

Aboard a luxurious white Mercedes Benz van, accompanied by his lawyers, two friends and his girlfriend, Rodolfo recorded his arrival at the courthouse, where upon arrival he was informed that if he did not comply with the provisions of his sanction, he would be will proceed to take legal action against you.

Declaring regret for what he did, it seems that the influencer he took his punishment in the best way, since he himself shared a video on his stories of Instagram in which he can be seen sweeping the streets dancing with the broom.

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