Security guard mistakes drag queen for Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga continues her tour Chromatica World Tourwhich has left several moments to remember, such as the one in which she was hit by a stuffed animal from Dr. Simi or the most recent starring a fan and a security guard.

The admirer of the singer, who is drag queen, impersonated as Mother Monster and walked through the crowd, receiving praise and applause. This caused confusion in a guard, who neither late nor lazily ran to save him from the crowd.


The moment when security realized I was not Lady Gaga 😅🤣 #Gaga #LadyGaga #ChromaticaBall

♬ we are original – Penelopy Jean

Penelopy Jean, TikTok user and drag queen, shared a clip in which he attended Lady Gaga’s concert. He arrived at the place dressed as his celebrity favorite and was flattered, applauded and admired by those present, who did not believe the resemblance between the interpreter of Bad Romane and the.

The euphoria of those present caused a security guard to guard him through the corridors. But this did not last long, because as soon as he clarified that she was not Gaga, the guard stopped taking care of him. Of course, the custodian’s reaction was so natural and disconcerting that it went viral on social networks.

The video has more than 12 million views and thousands of comments, among which you can read: “Security seems to have lost the real Lady Gaga”, “At first I also thought it was Lady Gaga”, “Security gave you a big fulfilled without realizing it”.


Dollar Tree Gaga? 🤔 #chromaticaball #gaga #ladygaga

♬ Sour Candy(抖音DJ热搜) – 苏以沫

After going viral, Penelopy Jean clarified on social networks that she has been imitating Lady Gaga for more than 10 years, so she went to her Show personified, but without imagining the stir it would cause. In addition, she said that at all times she made it clear that she was not Gaga. However, due to the noise, the guard did not hear him right away and this caused confusion.

Penelopy has done a great job as a Gaga impersonator and her work is so good that she confused the security guards and could even pass for the singer’s twin sister or stunt double.

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