She accompanied her children dressed as a man for Father’s Day

We read somewhere “The best title, even with a master’s degree and doctorate, is to be a father.” Although there are many men who exercise fatherhood, with all that it entails, it must be recognized that in Mexico and in the world absent fatherhoods exist and persist. The father figure is a turning point in our lives as adults, from the conscious choice of partner to self-perception and deserving. Many of the mothers who raise their children alone, leaving aside the economic issue, since a father is not only a provider, they also face emotional and psychological support.

Because of this, there are many moms who are ready to carry out any idea, whether good or bad for some, but with the sole purpose of seeing their children happy. This was the reason why a Mexican mother dressed as a man and celebrated Father’s Day at her children’s school celebration. Through social networks, one of her children spread photos, where the lady posed with the little ones at said event. In the publication we see the mother with a cap and mustache and in the description, the son shows gratitude for her mother’s love and actions.

mother dresses as a man

We won’t have a dad, but we have a mother who gives everything for us! My mom dressed as a man to give my brothers a smile and the affection that one day we needed.

When it went viral, many users gave their opinion in favor and many others disapproved of it, arguing that what it did was make their children’s situation more evident. Although the opinions come from an individual perspective, it is important to mention that no one is the owner of the absolute truth and that each person does what they think is best in their own way. The recommendation to deal with these issues is always to go to an expert therapist in the field, in order to guide the children in the healthiest way possible.

publication of the mother who dressed as a man

Although we do not know the name of this mother, we recognize her way of showing all the love she has for her children and all the actions she has taken to see them happy.

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