She is suing him for standing her up the day they agreed to go out

We know that when you have a date with a person that you will hardly know, you have two options, that there be click or that it is definitely the “debut and farewell”. When the latter happens, there is nothing left but to turn the page and continue. But it is possible that one of the two has felt a connection with the other and hopes for a second date.

Next, we will tell you the story of QaShontae Short, a girl from Michigan who sued a man for $10,000 for having stood her up on a second date.

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Short filed the lawsuit in 2020 and it wasn’t until a few days ago that he got the court date. Through Zoom he was able to claim that Richard Jordan had stood her up and required $10,000 in compensation.

In her arguments, the woman claimed that Richard had harmed and affected her by causing her emotional distress after not attending their agreed-upon meeting.

The hearing turned into a back-and-forth scenario, and when Short lost his temper a little while demanding that Judge Herman Marable Jr. sentence Jordan, the judge responded that this was not a criminal offense.

For his part, Jordan was not silent and clarified that they had only had a date and nothing else, there was no relationship or commitment involved and that for that reason, he considers that taking him to court is a waste of time. However, the woman she continued to debate by claiming that he had committed perjury by lying to her and standing her up.

QaShontae Short

In that letter, he lied. And that was what caused the perjury.

The judge was very emphatic in making it clear that he could not add a charge just because he did not like or agree with his answer. However, Short spent most of the session repeating the same arguments, claiming that he had been lied to. After an exhausting day, Judge Herman Marable Jr. decided to silence the call so that he would not continue speaking.

Jordan and QaShontae Short and the judge

It is worth mentioning that the lawsuit was transferred to the circuit court and the woman is required to pay the costs of filing the case. In addition, it was emphasized that she will be sued if she does not pay the money.

The saddest part of the case is that Short is understood to be an unemployed woman and, according to investigations, has a history of lawsuits, which could mean that appearing in court and complaining in order to receive financial compensation is already common for her. . One of the most surprising complaints of hers was the one that she made to the Flint Police Department for 300 million dollars and another one that she made to the AT & T company, which were dismissed.

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