She went viral for being 40 centimeters taller than her husband

We all agree that neither age nor social status nor race matter when we talk about love relationships, since it is only enough for the couple to want to build a future together, so physical characteristics are in the background.

This is something that a Brazilian couple is very clear about, because, contrary to what society thinks, they do not care that the woman is 40 centimeters taller than the man. In fact, they show off their height difference in TikTok videos, for which they have gone viral.

Brazilian woman went viral for being 40 centimeters taller than her husband

With more than three million followers on her TikTok account, the Brazilian Elisane Silva, 27, has been in charge of driving the users of the platform crazy with funny videos in which she shows the great difference in height that she has with her husband , Francinaldo Da Silva Carvalho.

The couple married in 2015, the year since the woman has had to put up with and overcome criticism and harassment for the 40 centimeters that she takes from her husband, since she is two meters tall, while her lover is barely 1.62 meters tall. height.

Far from getting upset or uncomfortable because Elisane is taller, they have tried to show the public that despite the difference in their height, they are both happy. Through the account @ elisane.oficial, the woman uploads videos of her with her partner, her son and hers showing security and how satisfied she is with her great height.

In an interview for the site, Elisane said that she and Francinaldo met in 2011 and that, regardless of their height, they both fell in love from the first moment. Her little son was born from her marriage, whom they also show off in their short videos.

Brazilian couple goes viral for having a difference of 40 centimeters in their height

I felt an instant connection the moment I met him, so much so that I didn’t even notice his height. Francinaldo is only 1.62 meters tall, which makes him almost 40 centimeters shorter than me, but I didn’t care. Although he was curious about my height and condition, he didn’t make any malicious comments.

Their story has not stopped gaining popularity on TikTok, where their videos have accumulated millions of views and thousands of comments from users who congratulate them for having such a beautiful and harmless relationship, as well as for the beautiful family they have formed.

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