Singer Demi Lovato explains the use of her new pronouns

Pop singer Demi Lovato has always been outspoken in her support of the LGBTQ+ community, and more than a year ago she came out as non-binary and started using the pronouns they/she (they/their). However, she recently announced that she has now felt more feminine and that, for that reason, she has again adopted the pronoun she (she/her).

During the interview he gave for Spout PodcastDemi explained her decision behind this change and it is all because she is now a “fluid person”.

Demi lovato

In fact, I’ve adopted her/his pronouns again. I am a fluid person. I felt that, especially last year, my energy was balanced in masculine and feminine.

In addition, she mentioned that when faced with the option of entering a men’s or women’s bathroom, she did not feel that there was a bathroom for her, since she did not perceive herself as a woman or a man, simply as a human being.

demi playing the guitar

The singer’s decision to change her pronouns sparked debates about gender identity, but she assured that her choice to identify with them at one point was just about feeling human at her core.

Lovato in a bed

Finally, he added that the most important thing is that no one is perfect, because everyone messes up pronouns at some point, especially when people are learning, pointing out that it is about having respect for others. Demi remembers that when she came out as non-binary, she felt confused about it herself.

Without a doubt, it is good to know that every day she feels more sure of herself, because let’s remember that she has gone through very difficult years after having fought and recovered from the overdose that almost ended her life.

Fortunately, today he is preparing to release his eighth album, which is speculated to be released on August 19.

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