Skylar, the girl who chose to be a single mom and got inseminated

Being a mother or not is a very personal decision that must be taken responsibly and so Skylar did, a girl who wanted to be a mother, so she searched for a sperm donor through the internet and after certain legal agreements, finally a recipient. it came by mail and was inseminated.

The 28-year-old girl told her entire experience through her social networks. Skylar reported that she always had the idea of ​​having a child at the age of 30, whether she had a partner or not. However, at the age of 27, her desire to be her mother intensified, so she didn’t want to wait any longer and decided to search for a sperm donor on the internet.


Skylar is a beautician in New York, United States, and mentioned that she always thought that the most likely way to become a mother would be to get a donor, since she says she does not want to depend on anyone else to raise or share her baby.

To choose the donor, Skylar chose a man who was similar to her, that is, creative and artistic. Also, he confesses that he really worked out because the little girl looks like her, so there is no doubt that she is her daughter. As if that were not enough, the girl was artificially inseminated at her house, at her own expense, with the sperm that came to her by mail.

skylar with ultrasound

I was absolutely ecstatic, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

To achieve this, he had to wait a month. After this time, he took a pregnancy test and although he immediately tested positive, being in shockseven tests were done to be completely sure.

pregnant skylar

The process was much cheaper than going through a donor company, which allowed him to save money and invest it in a doula, a birthing coach to help her when she needed it. This person was in charge of guiding her through the process and she supported her during the pregnancy.

It is worth mentioning that at various times, Skylar came to feel alone and judged, especially the day her baby was born, since she assures that repeatedly, people saw her wondering “Where is the father?” However, she is sure that she made the best decision.

Skylar with her baby

When my baby finally came, it was the happiest day of my life and I did it all by myself. I felt like I was missing a piece, but my girl has completed me.

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