Son gives Pinocchio doll to his father and fulfills a dream

They say that love with love is paid, because when parents give all their love, attention and affection to their children, there are those who look for a way to return or show their gratitude in the same way.

Just like the great act of love that this young man did to his father, knowing that the greatest dream of his childhood was to have a Pinocchio doll, the young man did what was necessary to get it and surprised him by giving it to him.

Brazilian boy Henrique Pinho with the sign of love and peace

The protagonist of this adorable story is Henrique Pinhoa young 26-year-old pediatrician who through his social networks published the special gift he prepared for his father and thus show him the great love he feels for him.

Through a short video on Tiktok, the boy commented that when his father, the doctor Nerinton Pinho, 51, was a child, he longed to have a wooden doll from the famous children’s story that Disney took it upon himself to bring to the cinema in 1940.

photograph of a Pinocchio doll in its box

Due to how rare the toy was, there weren’t many pieces for sale in the 1970s. Also, because of the Nerinton family economy at the time, the man’s parents couldn’t afford to buy it. For this reason, for 10 years, Henrique took on the task of beginning the search for the toy on specialized websites.

My dad always cries when he talks about a Pinocchio doll from the 70s that had a vinyl record inside. It was, and still is, the purest childish wish of his.

As a good pediatrician, I decided to heal the child who still lives in the heart of the greatest love of my life. WE GO!

– Henrique Pinho

Man carrying a Pinocchio doll from the 70's

Even the boy assures that a few years ago, when he was still a student, he found a copy of the “crushed” toy, but at that time he could not afford it, so he let the opportunity pass.

However, his search did not stop and this time it was different, since he not only had the ability to acquire it, but also found a Pinocchio doll in excellent condition and knew that it was the perfect opportunity to give his father that gift.

Pinocchio doll from 1970 sitting on a desk

After spending a few years looking for him four times a year, mainly on holidays, Christmas, Father’s Day, our birthdays, Children’s Day, I wanted to have an excuse to give him the gift.

– Henrique Pinho

Because the boy lives in Porto Alegre, Brazil, due to his work for an NGO for treatments available in the Unified Health System for type 1 diabetics, while his father is in the Ampére municipality, in Brazil, Henrique chose to give him the gift through a video call, to see his father’s reaction to opening his gift.

Today I managed to fulfill my father’s greatest childhood dream. It took 45 years of trauma to utter the word ‘Pinocchio’ around him, because he never got the doll he wanted in the ’70s. Now a cycle of pain from being a poor kid ends.

– Henrique Pinho

Man with tears in his eyes hugging a Pinocchio doll

The recording of the emotional moment went viral on TikTok, where countless users were moved by the tender act of love for their father. With tears in her eyes, she thanked her son for fulfilling her greatest wish.

Thank you, my son, Henrique Lopez Pinho, for your sensitivity towards the child that exists in each one of us. Today, after 46 years of waiting, the dream of the poor boy from Nova Londrina has come true and Pinocchio is now my toy.

– Nerinton Pinho

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