Spring brings many new trends to all fashionistas and, of course, is marked by the replacement of the warm outerwear of the last fall-winter season with lighter, more sophisticated and brighter spring novelties. One of the highlights of women’s wardrobe is the jacket, which is the favorite of many girls and women in spring.

Half-season jackets for spring are distinguished by incredibly beautiful and elegant solutions in terms of cut, color palette and prints. Fashionistas will love the new jackets with fringe, beautiful stripes and appliqués. Checkered prints, branded prints, patent leather, embossing, quilted fabrics and plush options are also incredibly popular.

A modern jacket is not just a fashionable wardrobe item for a woman who prefers casual style. Fashionable spring jackets fit perfectly into any style of clothing, just look at the latest outfit photos of fashionistas from around the world – here you will find wonderful combinations of jackets with linen dresses, mini skirts and pencils, plaid models and shorts, not to mention pants and jeans.

To get a better idea of what will be the fashionable jackets for spring 2021, we have compiled a list of the top trends for women’s jackets this season, each of which we will detail in more detail below.

Spring jean jackets

Denim jacket for women is far from being a novelty of this season, since such a jacket is in the wardrobe of each of us. But if we talk about models and new fashionable solutions for denim jackets , then in the spring of 2021 there is something to be happy about.

Trends include a fringe design, elongated shoulders, puffed sleeves, sheepskin trim on the sleeves and collars, or sheepskin lining, lettering on the back and a raw hem.

Different color variations of denim jackets will be very relevant this spring – these are the classic colors blue, light blue, mint, gray, black, pink, white and milky. You can wear such jeans with your favorite jeans and with skirts or knitted suits.

Leather jackets for spring

A leather biker jacket or aviator jacket is one of the most popular leather jacket styles that many girls have loved so much. This spring, in addition to these models, you can find stylish elongated leather jackets, completed with a belt, patch pockets and embossing.

Another hit for spring 2021 will be oversized shortened leather jackets, which look very stylish with classic pants and sporty joggers. Colorful leather jackets are also in fashion, among which stand out the delicate lilac models for spring.

Spring jackets in shirt style

Shirt jackets broke all records last fall, so spring 2021 is a must-have. Designers offer stylish spring models in lilac, cream, beige, brown, gray. Spring shirt-jackets can be either with a plaid print or in monochrome version.

Modern shirt jackets can be made from different fabrics – both thinner and denser, which allows you to choose the model that suits you best. It is important to wear such jackets in a multilayer knot shirt version under a coat or raincoat, as well as an option for outerwear on a hoodie or sweatshirt. In the latter case, a fashionable spring oversized shirt jacket is best suited.

Fashionable Bombers for Spring

The aviator jacket is another notorious favorite of many fashionistas, which is well known to us from previous seasons. Since the love for these jackets will not pass anytime soon, we suggest that you do not put them in a distant locker, but instead replenish your wardrobe with new models.

In the collections of many brands, you can find oversized spring bombers, in casual or sporty versions, made of bright fabrics, with lettering on the back, padded sleeves, as well as various prints. In any case, such a jacket for spring 2021 is an indisputable “must-have” for every girl.

Lightweight down jackets for spring

In the first days of spring, the weather is not quite warm yet.Therefore, in order to play it safe and be sure not to freeze, we recommend that you choose light and stylish down jackets for yourself, which will warm up perfectly and look good .

Models with bright colors – lemon, mint, lilac, pink, blue, fuchsia will help to add playful notes and make the image more fun, and for those who like calmer options, milky, gray, beige and nude colors are available.

The trend is for puffer jackets and oversized models, made in a monochromatic or combined solution, with or without hood, which can be worn wide open with your favorite leather pants and jeans, knit suits, sweaters and sweatshirts.

Plush spring jackets

Spring 2021 jackets: the best news for the upcoming seasonThe cutest variations of jackets for spring come in a plush design, reminiscent of favorite Teddy plush coats. The new plush jacket items are made of eco-friendly fur, which will keep you warm and cool.

Spring eco-fur jackets are made in a short solution with a zipper, outwardly resembling short fur coats. Quiet colors will be relevant – milk, cream, beige, chocolate, but you can also find bright models in orange, red, purple, yellow.

Stylish spring windbreaker

Spring season can not do without a windbreaker jacket, which occupies a prominent place among all other trends. Externally, the windbreaker looks like a light sports jacket, whose task is to protect from the wind. Not only the classic length models will be in fashion this spring, but also the extended versions.

Modern fashion trends suggest fashionistas boldly combine windbreakers with pants and classic dresses, which makes the windbreaker jacket is not at all a sporty option for outerwear this spring. And noble shades of brown, beige and sand will add a touch of chic to looks with windbreakers for spring.

Quilted spring jackets

Spring 2021 jackets: the best news for the upcoming seasonQuilted jackets are another unquestionable trend for the upcoming spring season. Stylish quilted jackets are presented in different styles – short down jackets, aviator jackets, leather jackets.

The very fabric of quilted jackets can also be different – glossy or matte. There is a multitude of solutions for fashionable quilted jackets for spring, which will allow young and active girls and older women to choose a fashionable style.

Spring jackets with fringe

Fringe has been included in the top decorative elements of various clothing and accessories for several seasons. Today, we propose to pay attention to the news of women’s jackets for the spring season with fashionable and so current fringe.

In spring, leather and denim jackets will be in fashion, adorned with various types of bangs – wide and narrow, long and short, made of chains, leather or denim. Such a fashionable fringe jacket will undoubtedly become the main accent of your outfit, perfectly complementing leather pants and skirts, jeans and shorts.

Oversized jacket for spring

The success among jackets for spring 2021 will be oversized models – bulky, loose, with elongated sleeves and increased shoulder line. Oversized jackets are represented by different types of jackets – down jackets, windbreakers, bombers, denim and leather models.

In each segment there is an oversized jacket for spring 2021 that looks very fashionable and draws attention to the image, bringing notes of lightness, novelty and carefree.

Fashion trends for women’s jackets spring 2021 – 2022 -sample images with real jackets for spring