Stories that show us that good people exist

In most relationships that link us to someone, either emotionally or affectively, it is common for us to pay more attention to the negative aspects than to the positive ones. One of the main factors is because people usually do it as a way to protect ourselves from a possible danger or problem, in addition to the fact that it is easier to remember the bad things than the compliments and the good things.

That is why, as a practice to eradicate this bad habit of giving more value to the negative than to the positive, the Reddit user EmCWolf13 asked users to share the anecdotes of their best quotes and green flags that made them go on a second date with that person.

image of two people forming a heart with their hands

As a result of this experiment, the user received countless incredible stories of “good attitudes” that people found between their dates, so below we list the best memories that will make you believe in love again and that good ones still exist. people.

1. A love beyond prejudice

Photograph showing a man pushing his wheelchair-bound girlfriend down the street

I am divorced, for many reasons, but it all boils down to the fact that I suffered a spinal cord injury that caused me paraplegia and my husband at that time could not handle it. On my first date with my now boyfriend of over 4 years, he treated me like a person, not a disabled girl. The topic never came up in the conversation and he behaved as if it didn’t even exist. It was so wonderful that he (sorry for the cliché) couldn’t see my wheelchair.

To this day, he has never given it importance. He understands the quirks that come with it, but it never seems to bother him. In fact, he spent quite a bit of money to put a ramp in his house for me (he’s also divorced and we’re both a little sick of marriage). But, without a doubt, he is the person I want to choose forever.

2. Actions that change life

person giving a couple of dollars to another person in a mall

It was not the first date, but the moment in which I knew that I would marry this man… We went to do the shopping. It was around 9 pm, we both had cashed out. The young lady in line to pay had a very young baby and was paying with coupons and a food stamp card. Her purchase total was about $22 and she only had $20 in hand.

She looked deflated and returned the only thing she had probably overspent: a chocolate and an energy drink. On top of that, she only had baby food, diapers, rice, bananas, powdered milk, wipes, the bare minimum. I turned around to tell my now husband to give me my wallet. It was not necessary. She already had her wallet in her hand, pulled out a $50 bill, gave it to her, and told her to keep the change. He changed the girl’s week and he changed my life. That was the moment I knew he was for me.

3. A love through thick and thin

hands of a couple eating french fries from a paper cone

I asked him if he wanted to go to McDonald’s and share some fries because that was all I could afford at the time. She said yes, we talked for a long time and we shared some large potatoes. She wanted to be with me, anywhere would have been fine.

I knew that if she was willing to date me with no money and hardship, she would also be willing to build a life with me from scratch. We have been married for 35 years, with ups and downs, children, illness, wealth and poverty.

4. Love at first sight

photograph showing a young man walking with a girl on the street

He made it clear that it was a date and that he was interested in me, but without coming off as creepy or pressured. We talked for hours, we went from the restaurant to walk up and down the river to my house to have a beer, then I offered him to sleep, but on a mattress on the floor (I lived in a studio without a sofa), not on my bed, and did not insist that anything happen.

The first few weeks he was always sweet and respectful, but he made it very clear that he was interested in a relationship, without back and forth or second thoughts. And now we are married!

5. A small gesture makes a difference

hand of a person giving some tip bills to a waiter in a restaurant

When my girlfriend and I went on our first date, her mom had given her $50 (just in case I made her pay, I guess) and because I paid, she made the waiter cry by giving her a $50 tip. Apparently the boy was having a bad day.

6. A little empathy is never bad

Man standing on stage in a bar in front of people presenting his stand up show

He took me to a ‘stand up’ night. She was laughing out loud at all the jokes. They were very mean and not funny at all. She was thinking about never going out with him again because, obviously, she had a very bad sense of humor.

As we walked to the car he commented on how unfunny the show had been, but he wanted to show support for the comedians, so he laughed at all the jokes. We have now been married for 12 years.

7. The important thing is the company

hands of some people toasting with a couple of cans of beer with a pizza

I got fired a week before our second date, I called her to cancel because I was depressed and insecure about my future. He asked me what kind of pizza I would like to eat.

An hour later he showed up at my door with pizzas and beer to cheer me up. We are now married 12 years. I love you, my amazing plumber.

8. The detail of paying attention to others

image of a couple cooking a dish in the kitchen of a house

On our third date we watched a movie at his house. He remembered that on our first date I had a Dr Pepper drink with lunch and a chocolate chip cookie for dessert.

He had a Dr Pepper for me in the fridge and he made me homemade chocolate chip cookies. He burned them, but I married him two years later.

9. They “clicked” from the first moment

image showing a group of people eating outdoors in a garden

On our first date we met for a few beers in the park. From the beginning everything was very natural. The conversation flowed, we laughed, and it felt more like a meeting with an old friend than a first date.

When it got dark, he took me to his house to meet his cat (no innuendo, we wait for a few dates to have sex and I love cats). Two weeks later I took her to a family barbecue and everyone liked her. That feeling of naturalness never left. And now her cat (our cat) is yelling at me for dinner.

10. Sometimes it is good to have fun as children

couple playing in a cart in the parking lot of a supermarket

We had lots of fun. We laugh all the time. In the end he bought streamers and we played with them in the parking lot like we were the only ones on the planet.

11. The attention to ask what bothers the other

image of a couple sitting on a sofa while the girl drinks coffee the man holds his cell phone in his hand

He asked if it was okay for him to check his phone while he left work to meet me because he still had business to attend to. I thanked him that he will value his time with me, but also that he wanted to be present for his work team. Even now, two years later, he still keeps asking me.

12. An open relationship

photograph of a couple laughing on a bed

He farted, looked me straight in the eye and said ‘let the stigma go away’.
We are currently engaged and have been together for six years.

13. A responsible father is a good sign

Man carrying his daughter on his shoulders while walking in a park

My current husband, who I’ve been with for 20 years, canceled our first date about 30 minutes before we were due to see each other because there was a slim chance he could spend a couple of hours with his daughters that night (he’s divorced with two daughters).

14. Doggie vibes never lie.

couple sitting in a bedroom watching their dog sleep

It arrived at my doorstep and my pup was very excited to see it. Without thinking twice, he picked it up and asked me where the three of us were going for a walk.
That was 19 years ago. The puppy is gone, but we have been together throughout.

15. Best Match

woman dancing in a nightclub surrounded by a couple of people

We danced by chance in a club. Then he took me by the hand. We were married 24 years before she passed away from cancer.

Boy crosses himself in a XV-year dance and ends up being trampled

Boy crosses himself in a XV-year dance and ends up being trampled

Young man wins 5 million in casino and does not claim his prize

Young man wins 5 million in casino and does not claim his prize