Street fashion “fall-winter 2020-2021”: current trends of the season

Today street fashion has become one of the most popular trends in the fashion industry. In the autumn-winter 2020-2021, interesting novelties prevail, not only for everyday, but also for evening looks. Moreover, in the process of drawing them up there are practically no borders and frames. Therefore, more and more often you can see bold, but at the same time simple and comfortable sets. A varied combination of styles and shapes allows you to experiment and get quite interesting, spectacular images.

The main principles and features of street fashion

For many years, women of fashion have been guided by the street direction when drawing up images. After all, street-style allows you to create outfits in a variety of ways. Among them are not only feminine and romantic options. Much more often you can see extraordinary or even brutal images that always attract attention.

Interestingly, in contrast to the classic shows, the street-style trend involves a combination of the latest innovations with existing clothes. A combination of costly and cheap items is also encouraged. This is what develops a sense of taste and allows you to look attractive regardless of the budget and fullness of the wardrobe. Playing with colors, styles and directions gives confidence and courage to combine what at first glance seems incongruous. For example, boyfriend jeans with an oversize sweater look quite familiar. But if we supplement this look with an expensive elongated coat, as well as a sports-style backpack and sneakers, then we get a bolder and more modern solution.

As for the color scheme, then in the images of street-style you should be guided more by your own preferences. Indeed, in this direction there are no special rules and restrictions, which means you can safely choose what really suits you. However, remember the golden rule that neutral makeup is best for a bright look. This will keep the balance and not make it overly active.

Actual trends of the autumn-winter 2020-2021

Despite the fact that there are no restrictions in the images of street fashion, there are certain trends that should be followed. first, we are talking about minimalism, which can be traced literally in everything. Most of the looks are collected according to the principle of brevity and simplicity of cut. Too bulky and large jewelry, you should definitely prefer laconic options. Interestingly, at the same time, the décor on the clothes did not become taboo. On the contrary, everyone also actively uses it in design. Among the most popular options are lace, various ruffles, inserts from leather and other materials. However, they should be in moderation.

With prints, things are a little different. Designers recommend paying attention to plaid and stripes, which have already become classics in the fashion world. With their help, you can adjust the figure, as well as make visual accents, if necessary. Also noteworthy is the abstraction. It helps not to get attached to a specific pattern. But at the same time, this print helps to combine shades in the image. The same goes for various floristic motives.

The next thing that is important for street-style lovers is the combination of styles. For a long time there are no restrictions in terms of composing images. So bulky clothes can look great with cowboy-style details. Classic suits are increasingly being combined with sporty chic. And this is great, because every fashionista can choose the perfect solutions for herself.

Outerwear for fall-winter 2020-2021

Since we are talking about street fashion looks for the cold season, it is extremely important to choose topical outerwear. For the beginning of autumn, a classic cut or oversize leather jacket will be an indispensable solution. It is frequently used in images and this is not surprising. After all, not every jacket can boast of its versatility.

Coats are definitely worth mentioning among the warmer items. This year it is better to pay attention to the elongated and voluminous options, which will add a feeling of warmth and comfort. We also recommend taking a closer look at down jackets. Many interesting, unusual options were presented in fashion collections. Among them, every fashionista can definitely find something worthwhile. As for fur coats, they are gradually fading into the background. The only exceptions are eco-alternatives. However, their choice should be approached especially carefully, because not every option can boast of high quality.

Fashionable looks in street style fall-winter 2020-2021

As mentioned above, street-style looks do not have to correspond to all fashion trends. This is, first, the ability to combine new things with what is already in your wardrobe. Stylists often suggest choosing one element and creating an image around it. This is a great practice, especially for those who are just starting to experiment.


The variety of dresses always inspires different looks. In the coming season, we recommend looking at knitwear options that are best suited for everyday life. Noteworthy are models of midi length, as well as a more strict cut.

Skirts and trousers

Skirts and trousers must also be present in the basic wardrobe. For the cold season, skirts of a straight cut, wrap-around, pleated skirts, as well as leather and denim skirts are best suited. You can safely combine them not only with shirts, but also with sweaters, cardigans, as well as sneakers and boots. As for the trousers, a wide variety of styles are permissible this year, but they must necessarily be with a high waist. After all, this is what helps to emphasize the features of the figure.


Jeans become more and more diverse every season. Now the most relevant are models with an unprocessed bottom edge. They should also be high-waisted. As for the cut, it can be straight, flared or even wide.

Every fashionista can dress in the style of street fashion. To do this, you need to familiarize yourself with fashion trends, be inspired by a selection of outfits and gradually experiment with your own images.

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