Modern men do not devote less attention and time to their image and appearance than women, creating their own individual and unique style.

Great importance in the appearance of each man is given to stylish haircuts and hairstyles for men, which for the most part are able to transform the appearance of any face.

The stylish and modern haircuts and hairstyles for men 2021-2022 can transform any man who wants to look fashionable and irresistible.

This certainly includes a wide variety of modern men’s haircuts for medium and short hair, the photos of which are featured in our review.

Fashionable and original haircuts for men 2021-2022 will help to hide some defects in appearance and highlight the beautiful features of the male face that deserve special attention.

When choosing stylish men’s haircuts for 2021-2022, it is worth considering the role of a man’s activity, as not everyone will be suitable for the same types of haircuts.

For example, creative and active young people may favor longer men’s haircuts, but businessmen and busy men, on the contrary, will choose short and classic men’s haircuts.

Modern men carefully monitor their appearance, following the fashion trends and trends dictated by stylists and experts of modern fashion.

It is very important, when choosing fashionable haircuts for short hair 2021-2022, to take into account that a haircut for a man is combined with the general style of clothing and lifestyle.

It is important that the correctly selected haircuts for men are practical and do not require long styling, but on the contrary, are comfortable and practical.

We offer current types of men’s haircuts, modern short haircuts for men and hairstyles 2021-2022, presented in our gallery.

Original men’s haircuts: “box” and “semi-box” men’s haircuts

Modern men’s haircuts 2021-2022 for short hair with shaved temples and longer hair at the crown are particularly relevant and popular. This type of men’s hairstyle does not require much styling time and is especially convenient for men.

Short and original boxy and semi-boxy haircuts for men can be created with a sleek or somewhat sloppy style – depending on your preference.

This type of men’s haircut works well for those who don’t intend to spend a lot of time on a daily basis styling their hair.

The beautiful boxing and half-boxing men’s haircuts allow you to easily style your hair with a side parting, and using a very small amount of styling products.

Modern men’s haircuts: British haircut for men

The original British haircut for men is ideal for the modern businessman who follows his own style.

This type of haircut for men assumes that the hair at the temples is slightly shorter than at the crown.

But too abrupt a transition from long to short hair is not desirable, it should be gradual and smooth.

Men’s haircuts 2021-2022 in the style “Brit” are very fashionable and relevant. By choosing a British haircut, a man emphasizes his special charm, demonstrating his own individuality and unique style.

Original haircuts for men 2021-2022: “Canadian”

Men’s haircut “Canadian” is another type of classic short haircut for men, which is probably one of the most practical.

This men’s haircut involves longer hair on the forehead and shorter hair in other parts of the head – the crown and temples.

Modern men’s haircuts in the “Canadian” style are universal and suitable for most powerful men.

In addition, the haircut “Canadian” for men is suitable for men with wavy hair, which is very important.

By choosing the original haircuts for men modern 2021-2022, you can safely experiment with the length of hair and types of haircuts for men to find the perfect haircut for yourself.

There are many types of modern men’s haircuts 2021-2022 that can be modified to fit your original style.

Modern men’s haircuts 2021-2022: pictures of beautiful haircuts for men.

Modern options and ideas for men’s haircuts, real and original men’s haircuts and hairstyles, photos – in our gallery …