Summer 2021 fashion trends

Fashion trends summer 2021 also fit in the delicate moment that the world is living, the hope of a new era, with more peaceful and inspiring periods, has stressed the increase in the development of several collections around the world.

The scenario of isolation and social distancing has become an excellent moment for the production of a fashion full of purposes and meanings.

Several trends from the last seasons will appear among the summer 2021 fashion trends. Neon, floral, shine and short pieces are among the highlights of the season.

Ready to check out the pieces and looks that will appear in full force in the hottest season of the year? So, come on …

1 – Neon looks

The neon that was already standing out in the past seasons, will also mark the summer 2021 fashion.

Looks with small neon details, in a punctual way, warm up summer productions. Monochromatic looks in a fluorescent tone will also be featured in the hottest season of the year.

And, let’s agree, neon colors give an “up” even in more basic looks, don’t you think?

2 – Summer fashion sets 2021

Another trend that was also highlighted in the past seasons and will continue to mark the summer 2021 fashion are the sets.

Because they are quite versatile, the sets can be used both during the day and at night. Be with a more comfy purpose, with lighter fabrics like meletinho, even the most tidy, in more noble and imposing fabrics.

Sets are always a good bet, since we don’t have to keep creating combinations, just get dressed and we’re ready to rock!

What’s more, they can still be separated and combined with other pieces, which allows us to create several looks.

3 – Floral

Timeless and super versatile, floral prints are also among the main trends of summer 2021 fashion. Super delicate, floral looks exude romanticism, elegance and femininity.

In addition, the print gives a lively and vibrant air to the production. Everything the moment we are experiencing needs!

Light looks, like flowing floral dresses are a great choice for the season.

4 – Puff sleeves

One of the trends that pumped last season and will continue with everything next summer is the puff sleeves. The must have returned from the 80’s and has already dominated the windows and wardrobes of the most trendy of fashion.

With different readings, the puffed sleeves will appear more revamped and modern. The model that used to appear excessively exaggerated, now appears in more discreet versions, but without losing the romanticism and femininity attributed to modeling.

Blouses or dresses attached to the wrist, giving volume only on the forearm is a great choice for those who want to adhere to the trend but do not like sleeves with volume on the shoulders.

5 – Tie dye of summer fashion 2021

The tie dye print returned with everything from the 90s and promises to be one of the fashion hits of summer 2021.

With a more modern and sophisticated style, the print will appear on shorts, skirts, dresses, blouses and even sets.

6 – Stripes

The stripes will also gain prominence this summer. Colorful, mixed with off-white and white will be one of the main requests to escape the classic and give a fresh and refreshed look to the production.

Anything goes here, thin or wide stripes. The important thing is to choose the one that suits you best and rock it!

7 – Metallic looks from summer 2021 fashion

Metallic productions, with a lot of brightness, stones and sequins that, before were restricted to night events, promise to shine under the summer sun next season. Metallic and shiny looks, light and stylish will be highlights in the season.

Bright colors will hit the streets, whether in monochromatic looks or in details with metallic tones and a lot of shine.

A tip for everyday life is to balance the look by combining metallic or shiny pieces with more basic pieces. Leave the monochromatic bright colors looks for the most refined and sophisticated events.

8 – Poa

Following the retro fashion trend, poa will also hit the streets and be one of the summer 2021 fashion trends.

It is possible to combine the classic “balls” in modern and sophisticated productions. You will be able to create more harmonic looks by balancing pieces in poa with the most basic ones.

Sets and dresses are also modern and stylish ways to adhere to the trend in the season.

9 – Cropped top with high waist pieces

We all know that pieces with a high waistline define and highlight the waist, disguising the terrible fat on the flanks.

The tip is to combine high waisted pieces with the cropped top which, in addition to enhancing the legs, also visually lengthens them. A perfect look to rock!

10 – Monochromatic looks of summer fashion 2021

Monochromatic productions have been present in several past seasons and will continue to follow everything in fashion summer 2021.

For those who do not remember, monochromatic looks are those productions in which we combine pieces of the same color or with analogous colors.

They are a great bet for those who want to visually stretch their body and disguise a few pounds. In addition, monochromatic looks convey a lot of elegance and style.

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