Superkind, the first K-pop group with a virtual member

The k pop It is a musical genre that has gained popularity among millions of young people around the world. Its worldwide fame is due to the fusion of pop styles, hip hopelectronic music or R&B, a mixture that has been to the liking of countless users who have become faithful followers of the genre.

In its eagerness to innovate and revolutionize the South Korean entertainment industry, Superkind recently emerged, a group that seeks to perfectly combine the real with the virtual by including a member created with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

SuperKind grouping genre K-Pop

On June 20, the group made up of five members, of which four are real and one is from IA, announced their official debut by releasing their first digital single Watch Out from the album PlaySuperkind: Apply for a Beta Testwhich they released on different music platforms along with a music video posted on their official YouTube account.

Before revealing the names of all the members of the group, in November 2021, the company Deep Studio Entertainment announced Saejin, the virtual member who was inspired by the virtual singer of 1998, Adam, to later introduce Eugene, Geon , Daemon and SiO.

During their music video, Superkind divides their world into two categories. first is NUKEwhich under the tagline “Forever Win” talks about people who are idealistic, who look to the future and try to enjoy the new and modern, so their main goal is to take risks to find freedom.

In the meantime, PRID He is represented with the motto “We Remember”, which speaks of those who are more attached to the past and find great value in memories and memories, so their main objective is to protect their tribe from danger and help it grow.

Nuke and Pride phrases categories of the group K-Pop Superkind

The members of the group already belong to a category: Saejin is NUKE-E, while Eugene, SiO, Geon and Daemon belong to the PRID-E group, because in the video of their first single they make a comparison of the constant fight between the modern versus the conservative.

In this way, Superkind seeks to show a new way of enjoying the k popas they seek to be a boy group only one that follows its own rules, because its concept will be based on the ideas that the fans want to add.

photograph of the members of the boy group Superkind

Unlike colloquial groups, this new concept seeks to be original, so they organized a question and answer session on Discord, to be in contact with their followers and thus be able to answer all their concerns.

For now, the group is in the process of selecting new ideas for their second music video, so they assure that for their next clips, they could integrate the interaction with some fans.

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