Support for Depp withdrawn after leaking altered trial evidence

The scandals after the extensive trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard seem to have no end, because after some fans will pay three thousand dollars to have access to the alleged documents with which both actors tried to attack each other in the trial, a series of shady secrets behind what they have described as “the trial of the century” were uncovered.

After these documents came to light, the 36-year-old actress and her lawyers assured that the interpreter of Jack Sparrow suffered from erectile dysfunction, allegedly the reason why the actor was violent and assaulted his ex-wife.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp at the libel trial

However, that is not the only precedent that has emerged regarding the defamation trial, because a couple of days ago, social network users noticed that some celebrities withdrew their like of the publication that the 59-year-old actor made when he came out the winner after the final verdict of the jury, assuming that they have stopped supporting the star of Alice in Wonderland.

Among the celebrities who gave dislike To the publication of the multifaceted actor are Bella Hadid, Halle Bailey, Jamie Campbell Bower, Joey King, Riley Keough and Sophie Turner.

screenshot of Johnny Depp's post after his win against Amber

Although the reason why these celebrities decided to remove their “likes” from the publication after Depp’s victory is unknown, a user on Twitter revealed the possible reason for the sudden change of opinion in the artists.

Through a thread in the birdie’s social network, the account @cocainecross He assures that by paying for the judicial documents in order to dirty the name of Amber Heard, the fans of the Willy Wonka interpreter backfired, since by revealing those files they ended up involuntarily exposing their much-admired actor.

As explained by the user known as chateau bunny, it turns out that erectile dysfunction was not the most serious thing that was revealed, because all the altered evidence that Johnny tried to hide in order to win the trial was also leaked among the background.

One of the allegedly altered pieces of evidence indicates that the actor intended to use the work of stripper as evidence against his ex-wife, as well as sending altered and manipulated photographs of the alleged injuries he received from Heard.

Altered photos of Johnny Depp after his trial with Amber Heard

Also, the tweeter revealed that Johnny intentionally manipulated the tapes of the discussions between him and Amber, refusing to deliver the original audios. In the thread it is also mentioned that the antagonist of the film fantastic animals paid witnesses to deny that Mera’s interpreter, in Aquaman, she had suffered domestic violence during her marriage.

With evidence and photos in each of the records for which the fans of the protagonist of the saga of Pirates of the Caribbean paid to see, the Twitter user assures that they got a big surprise when they saw the documents that incriminated Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard crying at the trial against Johnny Depp

Without the certainty of what is the real reason why the aforementioned celebrities withdrew their support for the actor, if something is certain it is that the leak of the alleged evidence and evidence of the documents presented at the trial have confused the fans of both actors.

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