Susan Sarandon causes a furor for the video where she is seen in a bra

Actress Susan Sarandon surprised her 75-year-old posing in her underwear in a video that caused a stir on social networks, garnering more than three million views.

Susan is one of the most popular and beloved actresses in Hollywood and although this video is very short, Internet users were surprised to see that she still retains her beauty and figure.

susan sarandon

In the clip we see the famous interpreter of Louise preparing for what appears to be a photo session, sitting in a white coat and bra while they finish doing her makeup or hair. When leaking this video on social networks, the actress left everyone stunned.

Although we do not know for sure what the reason for her preparation was, weeks ago, the actress made headlines because one of her most recent work projects is blue beetlea film based on the DC comics created by Charles Nicholas, in whose production, Susan will play Victoria Kord.

video of susan

The role that the villain of Nice to meet you will interpret in blue beetle, due to be released in 2023, does not exist in the comics and was created exclusively for the film, which will be directed by Puerto Rican filmmaker Ángel Manuel Soto. In addition, the costumes will be designed by the Mexican Mayes C. Rubeo.

We have no doubt that Susan will play a spectacular role, as she has given us unforgettable performances in films such as Thelma & Louise, the hollywood game, Death penalty and in children’s films like Nice to meet you Y Like dogs and cats.

On October 4th, Susan will be 76 years old and she still looks gorgeous and fabulous. Do not believe it? Seeing her so beautiful has been a reason for the most creative Internet users to put her reactions with her good sense of humor in memes. Here we leave the best.

1. We can’t get over it either!

susan sarandon video at 75

2. We are not crying, a 75-year-old Susy got into our eyes

Susan Comparative Queen Elizabeth

3. Devastated!

comparative susan and laura bozo

4. Well, those were other times

susan compared to old lady

5. We also want to live that dream

susan sarandon living the dream

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