Sweeper manages to fulfill his dream of becoming a lawyer

Some people think that everything that happens in their lives is out of their control and are content to passively wait for everything to fall from the sky. These are characterized by having no goals and just swim with the current.

However, on the other hand, there are also those people who have very clear goals and realize that life is about constantly learning and developing to achieve their goals. As well as Flavio Silva, the protagonist of the following story.

He worked six years as a sweeper to fulfill his dream of being a lawyer.

Flavio Silva street sweeper

For the past six years, Flavio, 39, from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, has worn the street sweeper’s uniform in the municipality of Tibau do Sul in order to pay for his Law studies and fulfill his dream of becoming a in lawyer.

Father of two children, Flavio traveled 78 kilometers daily to reach the city of Natal, where the Faculty of Law is located. The man told G1 that he works in the public service as a street sweeper to support his family and the choice for the street sweeper profession was directly linked to his desire to study.


The tenacious Flavio woke up every day at 5:00 am and by 6:00 am he was already sweeping the streets of Tibau do Sul, all the while focused on his dream of becoming a lawyer. The first challenge came when he was given the entrance exam to enter the Law School, but he managed to pass it.

He was able to pay for part of the course with his salary and also had the financial support of his mother to complete it. After a long six-hour day under the intense rays of the sun or inclement weather, Flavio had to travel every day on a school bus and fight against fatigue between classes, since he only slept three hours a day.

Street sweeper

The first day was a challenge, because I attended the first classes and when the break came I didn’t understand anything and I felt desperate. It was then that I got together with other colleagues and they told me the same thing, that they did not understand. So I felt calm, but looking for a strategy on how to learn. There was a colleague who suggested I do a study group and I accepted right away.

So Flavio had a new goal: to travel to Natal earlier so he could study with his classmates in the university library, and to achieve this, he asked his boss to let him in a little earlier so he could leave before the usual time.

Despite the difficulties and fatigue, Flavio had his goal well defined and the possibility of giving up never crossed his mind: “That word does not exist in my dictionary”, because it was not only about fulfilling his greatest dream, but also about the hope to offer a better quality of life to his family.

Giving up was never an option for Flavio

Flavio Silva

Flavio’s perseverance paid off on March 31 when he managed to pass his qualification exam. The new lawyer stated that he realized that he had fulfilled his dream after the news that he had passed the OAB exam, one of the most difficult in the country.

When I saw the result, that I had passed the bar exam, I cried for forty minutes. I remembered all the sacrifice that I lived. If you have a dream, don’t give up. You can be in any profession, but go for it. You have to find a solution, but never give up.

With his title in hand, Flavio already has plans for the future. Although for now he continues to work as a street sweeper, he intends to leave his job to practice in a legal consultancy.

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