Swimmer who fainted is banned from competing again

American artistic swimmer Anita Álvarez, who was rescued by her coach from the bottom of the pool after fainting during her solo routine, was unable to participate in the artistic swimming final at the World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, on 24 December. June at the request of the International Swimming Federation (FINA).

According to him Daily MailAlthough Anita, 25, had hoped to compete in the final and was preparing for the event two days after she passed out in the pool and head coach Andrea Fuentes jumped into the pool to rescue her, the governing body he banned her just hours before the event after determining it was unsafe for her to continue in the competition.

Anita Alvarez

In this regard, through an official statement, FINA stated the following:

The health and safety of athletes must always come first. Although FINA understands that the decision is disappointing for the athlete, it was made with her best interests in mind. The organization is delighted that Anita Álvarez has had such a satisfactory recovery and hopes to see her in competition again soon.

However, according to AFP, the American team’s doctor, Selina Shah, said she was “very confident” that Anita would be able to compete in the final:

Anita Alvarez

In my opinion, he could have competed, I am very confident. I provided all of Anita’s medical evidence. I’m not aware of her decision-making process.

On June 23, the United States artistic swim team released a statement saying that Anita had passed out due to her exertion during the routine. However, Selina Shah said that doctors were still searching for a definitive explanation:

Anita Alvarez

We are going to investigate what happened and do some additional extensive programs with consultants to determine a real cause.

So far, neither Anita Álvarez nor Andrea Fuentes have commented on the exclusion of their participation in the final of the World Championship in Budapest.

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