Take out traffic legal protection retrospectively – this is how it works

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Unfortunately, you do not have traffic legal protection – what then?

Basically you have a problem. Because normally you can no longer apply for insurance cover for damage that has already occurred. At this point also the note that you hopefully already have one disability insurance have completed. Because if you have an accident and become unable to work, only this insurance can ensure that you continue to receive a monthly income.

But don’t panic just yet

In the ARAG legal protection insurance you can actually take out legal protection insurance retrospectively. More precisely, a retrospective traffic legal protection insurance.

ARAG is the only insurance company in the world that offers retrospective traffic legal protection. The tariff is called Traffic legal protection immediately.

What is special about retrospective traffic legal protection?

If you don’t have legal protection insurance for traffic offences, you may lose your driver’s license in the worst case, pay very high fines and have to take part in various advanced seminars. if you Traffic legal protection retrospectively apply to ARAG, you may be able to avoid these risks. To give you a better idea of ​​when you need traffic legal protection insurance, here is an example.

administrative offence

When driving up a hilltop you are blinded by the sun. That’s why you overlooked the fact that the traffic light was red. Now, in addition to a fine of €200, you are threatened with two points and losing your driving license for a month.

In court, your lawyer in traffic law will ensure that the driving ban is canceled in return for a higher fine. The insurance bears the negotiation costs of more than 880 €.

The benefits of retrospective traffic legal protection at a glance

  • fast completion without waiting time
  • can be concluded retrospectively for up to 3 months
  • Assumption of court and attorney fees (if required by all instances)
  • the retrospective traffic legal protection insurance represents you, whether as a vehicle owner, owner, driver or occupant
  • there are no deductible costs if you are represented by a lawyer from the ARAG network – if you wish to be represented by an independent lawyer, a deductible of €150 applies
  • Conflict resolution through a mediator
  • worldwide insurance coverage


  • No lawyer may yet have received the mandate or have already initiated legal action.
  • The retrospective traffic legal protection insurance only applies to damage that has already occurred.
  • There must not yet be any dunning proceedings or a lawsuit against you in court.
  • Legal protection cases relating to contract and property law cannot be insured retrospectively.
  • The minimum contract term is 3 years.

What is not insured?

  • If you want to claim compensation after a traffic accident.
  • For disputes about the purchase or repair of your car.
  • After a traffic accident, if you are accused of hit-and-run or negligent bodily harm.

  • If you are in dispute with administrative authorities and courts, for example because your driver’s license is to be revoked.

You now have protection for the next 3 years

If the legal protection has been completed retrospectively, you will have full traffic legal protection insurance for the next three years.

The following areas are insured:

  • Legal Protection for Damages
  • Contract and property legal protection
  • criminal legal protection
  • Administrative legal protection
  • Tax legal protection
  • Your family (including your spouse and underage children) are also insured at no additional cost.

The retrospective Traffic legal protection immediately costs €376.92 per year or €31.41 per month. With a minimum term of three years, that makes a total of €1,130.76. Compared to the risk of losing your driver’s license over the years and having to complete fee-based advanced seminars and a fee-based medical-psychological examination, retrospective insurance cover is definitely a good option in individual cases.

Extra benefits of retrospective traffic legal protection

ARAG JuraTel

Do you have a question about a legal problem? The ARAG specialists take care of it around the clock. Hotline: 0211 99 333 99

Online legal service

Would you like to cancel a contract or set up a new contract? The ARAG website gives you access to more than 1000 tested sample letters for each area. Simply log in with your insurance number on the ARAG website.

Conclusion on retrospective traffic legal protection

For many, this special legal protection insurance can be the last lifebelt before losing their driver’s license or something similar. The costs of the contract are calculable and can be compared with the impending risk of losing your driver’s license or high court costs. A fine solution which the ARAG created here.

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