The 10 best dishes to order on the first date

When you and a guy like each other, after talking and feeling butterflies in your stomach, it’s time to have the first date. Some guys pick the location and some guys will leave the decision up to you, little big deal and something else to add to the stress list besides choosing the place. outfits what you will use, the makeup and hairstyle, etc.

But for you to think carefully about what food can work and what will not be sexy, we show you 10 options that you can go to in that first romantic encounter.

1. paste


Yes, it is a classic but it is an option that you can find in various restaurants. We recommend one that is large like ziti, penne or farfalle (cylindrical pasta) as you can fish it out with your fork without having to think about it slipping off your dress. If you choose the typical spaghetti, stay away from red sauces, order one with cream or oil, in case it splashes it will be less noticeable. Also avoid strong garlic flavors.

2. sushi


Sushi is clean, beautiful and easy to eat. The variety of combinations is for all tastes, if you don’t know how to eat with chopsticks you can take a fork or ask your lover to show you how. You don’t have to worry about it spilling over and filling you with food, just use the soy sauce carefully.

3. Chicken


Red meat can leave you bloated and fish is honestly a bit smelly; That’s why chicken is the best option. Most restaurants offer dishes with this tender bird, just choose how you want it to be cooked. If you are a carefree girl you can choose fried chicken or wings and she will discover your wildest side.

4. Spanish tapas

spanish tapas

Maybe going out for a full meal isn’t all that appealing. You can opt for a tapas bar and enjoy these delicious snacks while you chat, the best part is that you will share the dish. Always use a fork and a knife to divide the loaves.

5. Salad


Perhaps for them a salad is very little, but for you it is a good option if you want to feel satisfied without feeling bloated. You can choose one with grilled chicken strips if you feel that you will not fill up with only vegetables.

6. Mexican food


It is a casual option, if you do not want to go somewhere very elegant you can always opt for a restaurant with tacos and quesadillas. The variety is for all tastes as well as the vegetables to accompany and the sauces. It will be an interesting adventure, just avoid consuming onion.

7. Pizza


You can’t go wrong, everyone loves pizza. You can go to one of those places where you put it together and each one makes a half and when you deliver it you share your creations. If you’re on a diet just make sure you choose a thin crust and avoid cold cuts.

8. Cuts of meat

cut meat

Do you want to look sexy and get rid of the label of the typical girl who orders salad? Then choosing meat is the option for you, they are fascinated by the cuts so it is possible that they will be enthusiastic about the idea. Just be careful to cut off pieces that you can easily chew off, you don’t want to look like a hungry animal either.

9. Coffee


A not so formal but perfect outing to talk could be to go to one of those cafes with a variety of drinks, desserts and even sandwiches. You can choose something for each of you or just share a delicious slice of cake.

10. Ice cream


They can not necessarily go out to dinner or eat and choose to stop by the most delicious ice cream parlor in the city. Surely this will make you very happy and with ice cream you can not go wrong, it is a perfect excuse to flirt or try the flavor you chose.

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