The 10 best true crime documentaries to watch on Netflix

The true crime is a literary genre used in podcast and in the cinema to tell crime stories based on real events, so describing the actions of people in real life has made it one of the favorites and most watched by the public.

One of the platforms streaming that has fascinated by adding this type of content to its catalog is Netflix, which delights its subscribers every month with documentaries that have been developed throughout history in our society.

screenshot showing true crime documentaries on netflix

If you are from that group that loves stories based on true crimes, the following list is made for you, as we list the best documentaries true crime available on Netflix that you should not miss.

1. The Keepers

This documentary series released in 2017 analyzes the death of Sister Catherine Cesnik, because, despite having been murdered decades ago, the suspicious link between a priest who was accused of abuse is still being investigated.

two. The Watts Affair: The Homicidal Father

With a duration of almost an hour and a half and with exclusive images without editing, The Watts Affair: The Homicidal Father is a film that examines the disappearance of Shanann Watts and her two daughters, revealing the terrible events that befell the family.

3. Carmel: Who killed Maria Marta?

This Argentine miniseries of only four chapters tells the case of a woman who died in the bathtub next to a pool of blood. While her husband assures that she had an accident, the autopsy reveals the opposite.

Four. Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

One of the most famous miniseries on the platform streamingwhich in just four episodes features current interviews, archival footage and audio recordings that paint a sharp portrait of infamous notorious killer Ted Bundy as he walks down death row.

5. Don’t Mess With Cats: An Internet Killer

Controversial documentary released in 2019, which through three episodes, narrates how a group of self-summoned cyber detectives enter the dark cellars of the internet to find an anonymous criminal who publishes sadistic videos.

6. Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes

Released this 2022, the three-part miniseries recounts the case of John Wayne Gacy, the man who under his smiling costume hid a sadistic serial killer who dined with the powerful and took advantage of the vulnerable.

7. Making A Murderer

Documentary distributed in two parts with 10 episodes each. The series talks about a thriller which was filmed for 13 years, which tells the true story of a macabre crime and the possible innocence of the two accused prisoners.

8. The Alcasser case

With a season consisting of five episodes, The Alcasser case shows the interviews and analysis of the evidence that sheds light on the murder of three girls in 1992, a case that shocked all of Spain.

9. The girl in the photo

In this documentary released in 2022, a woman who appears almost dead on the road leaves behind a son, a man who claims to be her husband, and a mystery that turns out to be a nightmare.

10. Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story

Miniseries released this 2022, talks about British TV star Jimmy Savile, a driver who captivated a nation with his eccentricity and philanthropy. However, the accusations of sexual abuse expose the shocking and hidden side of him.

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