The 15 desks that any of us would like to have

The 15 desks that any of us would like to have

We have heard on more than one occasion that the room is the place where we can be completely ourselves, so that for you to feel comfortable and in a relaxation and rest area, it must represent you 100%, both in decoration and in the small details such as the color of the walls and the type of furniture you have.

One of the spaces that should provide you with peace and inspiration so that you can carry out your tasks or home office is the desktop; remember that if you don’t like it, you won’t want to do your tasks. So see these ideas for you to replicate in your room. You won’t want the pending tasks to end!

1. A slight floral touch with the indicated order

White desk, with floral chair and blackboard calendar and blue tones

2. Yellow will surely fascinate you

Desk with yellow details, yellow plastic chair with wheels and swivel, in a room with gray tones

3. Details make the difference

White room with shelves, desk and white chair with black details

4. The wooden furniture adds a touch vintage unique

White room, white four-legged chair and vintage wooden desk, with posters on the wall

5. One of the happiest you will see

Cheerful desk, chair, white desk and shelves, posters and postcards taped on the wall

6. Drawers are perfect for keeping things tidy

Wood-bottomed desk area with drawers, plus a paper bag-style trash can

7. Have you seen any with shelves included?

Desk made from shelves

8. With the perfect lighting to work

Bright and tidy desk area perfect for working with greater concentration

9. The best example of minimalism

minimalist desk area

10. For small rooms it is the ideal option

Bunk bed suitable for the lower part to be used as a desk area, wardrobe and bookcase

11. Shelves to have what you need close by

Desk with glass table, white shelves and yellow table

12. Only the essentials

Desk area with wooden table and chair with metal support

13. Black and white are the match perfect

White desk and walls of the same color, black chair just like the calendar that make perfect mach

14. With dim light to feel at peace

Yellow light work area with white furniture and ornate shelves

15. Perfect for those who love crafts

Work area with craft supplies and wooden furniture

What do you think?

Written by Ashly le Roi

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