Oversized womens sweatshirt is now worn with a shirt underneath: the preppy trick that has become a trend

Large sweatshirts enchant us with their comfort and sporty style. Even lovers of the preppy style have found the perfect formula  to use them: with a shirt underneath that gives a very collegiate touch.

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Some of the girls who understand more about fashion find in the men’s shirt  the perfect detail to wear the big, wide sweatshirt without losing style. With the collar of the shirt outside the sweatshirt, giving a collegial touch to these athletic and relaxed looks.

Fake shirt collar and cuff

Other girls have found that large, fake collars and even fake shirt cuffs can be bought and worn under the sweatshirt. It gives the same result and you can still buy different models and play with the patterns.

Dressing  layers is  not   just one of the girls’ favorite keys on the coldest days. It also  creates combinations that  greatly improve the look of the look.

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