The emotional video of little Evan listening for the first time

We want to share with all our beautiful and inspiring readers the story that made us spill “the crocodile ones” when we met her. It is not that we want to see you cry, but that you, like us, live the beautiful experience of that hopeful ray that is so lacking in these times.

This is Evan, a little boy who was born prematurely, weighing just 750 grams and with a serious risk of dying. Unfortunately, his first years of life were not easy at all, as he required blood transfusions, constant hospitalizations due to some procedures and pneumonia, and although he was able to go home, he had to do so with oxygen, since he could not breathe on his own. Fortunately, after various medical efforts, little Evan was finally able to breathe on his own.

Evan listens for the first time

In addition, as if that were not enough, it was detected that the little boy could not hear properly. However, recently, his mom, identified on social networks as Daniela Flores, shared the moment in which Evan was able to listen for the first time!

It was through his personal TikTok account where we were able to witness that emotional moment and, truthfully, if we got a lump in our throats when we saw the little boy’s reaction when he heard his dad’s voice, because among so much happiness we didn’t could hold back tears.


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Listening is disconcerting to him at first, but his dad kept talking to him, and Evan suddenly broke into a big smile, then cried with emotion.

We do not know if we are too sensitive, but many users have shared and commented on this emotional moment, adding their opinion with the best intentions, predicting that everything will continue to be beautiful for little Evan.

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