‘the house is for the family’

Let’s be honest, despite the fact that homework has been a staple of academic education for centuries, nobody likes it, not even parents, who face a daily struggle to get their children to complete their homework. .

In fact, in recent years, the debate about home school work has taken hold, even among teachers convinced that homework is counterproductive for students.

stressed girl

This concept is becoming less controversial and more adopted by teachers around the world. The most recent case is that of Nikki, a teacher from the United States who took advantage of social networks to share her position on the matter.

Through a short video shared on TikTok, Nikki explains that “I used to assign a lot of tasks.” However, after becoming a mother, she decided not to leave any more homework to her students, as she considers that they put too much stress not only on the boys, but on the whole family.

I no longer assign homework. Time at home is family time.

As expected, the comments of the considered teacher caused a stir on the short video platform, obtaining positive reactions, such as the following:

‘This should be the standard.’ ‘Homework does nothing but stress kids and their families.’ ‘Homework has a purpose’. ‘Conditioning children to expect them to have to work outside of contracted hours.’ ‘I wish more teachers would do this.’ ‘I just want to spend time with my kids and we’re in a rush to get homework done, dinner and a shower to sleep on time.’ ‘Homework is fine, but not when it takes hours to do. I have a niece who can spend two to five hours doing homework because it’s too much.’

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