More practical and comfortable outerwear than stylish and original puffer jackets for women, perhaps, can not be found. Fashionable puffer jackets 2021-2022, presented in the new season, allow you to look elegant and sophisticated even in the cool season.

Beautiful puffer jackets for everyday and puffer jacket for special occasions are demonstrated by fitted silhouettes, dress models, oversized puffer jackets, short puffer jackets, as well as original puffer jackets with unusual sleeves.

Such a variety of styles and stylish models makes it possible to think over a beautiful and fashionable look for autumn and winter with a fashionable puffer jacket of your choice.

Puffer jackets are the best option for outerwear for fashionistas who prefer comfortable and functional clothes that would perfectly warm, protect from the weather and at the same time look and fit beautifully.

Best of all, fashionable puffer jackets look in the style of casual and casual smart clothes, concisely and harmoniously combined with stylish and practical things from the women’s wardrobe.

Today, you can forget about shapeless and baggy outerwear that looks ugly. Even oversized puffer jackets look beautiful and original.

Therefore, take a look at the stylish puffer jackets that designers offer us in the 2020-2021 season, presented in this review.

Interesting quilted puffer jackets, beautiful puffer jackets with decor decorated with fur, bright asymmetric puffer jackets, a cocoon puffer jacket and a down blanket in the 2020-2021 season will allow women and girls to choose the best addition for an autumn-winter puffer jacket.

As for the color palette, fashionable puffer jackets can be in white, beige, pale pink, peach shades, stylish gold and silver puffer jackets, as well as dark puffer jackets in brown, blue, burgundy, purple and black.

Let’s take a closer look at the best puffer jackets of 2021-2022, beautiful models of puffer jackets and stylish looks with puffer jackets for women and girls, the photos of which are presented in the review below.

Stylish short puffer jackets 2021-2022

For autumn and sunny winter weather, cropped puffer jackets, which are practical and comfortable, will warm well and protect from bad weather, will be a good option.

Short puffer jackets 2021-2022 of the year are often presented in quilted options, which gives the silhouette sophistication and originality. Complemented by a beautiful collar, unusual sleeves, and decorative elements, short puffer jackets will be a godsend for lovely ladies.

Beautiful short puffer jackets look great if they are made of metal-like fabric – in bronze, gold or silver color, which makes cropped puffer jackets more effective and original. A laconic and restrained version is a cropped cut in a delicate powdery shade, as well as a short puffer jacket in black, the original burgundy and brown cropped puffer jacket 2021-2022.

Fashionable puffer jackets with cropped sleeves 2021-2022

For the fair sex who are looking for original solutions for a women’s puffer jacket, we suggest taking a look at the models of puffer jackets with short sleeves, which will help you create a stylish autumn-winter bow for the 2020-2021 season.

Choosing such a puffer jacket with cropped sleeves, you should think over the whole image. After all, it is very important here which top you prefer as an addition to a puffer jacket that partially opens your arms. An original addition to a puffer jacket with short and unusual sleeves can be fashionable elongated gloves that beautifully cover your hands and perfectly warm.

Original oversized down jackets 2021-2022

An unusual option for bold and extraordinary fashionistas was offered by designers this season – oversized puffer jackets that perfectly hide figure flaws.

Fashionable oversized puffer jackets are also the choice of many celebrities, in particular Rihanna, Jessica Biel, Katie Holmes, who are not averse to flaunting in a puffer jacket that looks more like a blanket than outerwear.

The usual color shades in which trendy oversized puffer jackets are presented are black, white, beige, red. Oversized puffer jacket models can be long and short, with or without fur.

Beautiful dress 2021-2022 for a feminine and romantic puffy jacket

A more graceful and sophisticated style is a puffer jacket dress 2021-2022. This puffer jacket will allow you to create romantic and cute looks for beautiful girls.

Beautiful puffer jackets dress will be an excellent choice for slender and graceful girls who want to emphasize their figure, thanks to the fitted silhouette of the puffer jacket.

The puffer jackets of the dress are varied and are presented both with prints, for example, floral, and in monochrome – white and black, beige and pink, burgundy and purple.

The length of the puffer jacket of the dress varies and can be above the knee, as well as a longer cut to the ankle. For greater sophistication, the puffer jackets of the dress are very often complemented with fur trim and a belt, which gives the image of originality and femininity.

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