Trendy hair coloring is a great way to change your image and a great opportunity to look completely new: stylish, bright and fashionable.

You can change your style and change your appearance in the best way, due to the fashionable hair coloring 2021-2022, which includes the most beautiful and bright variants of coloring for different hair lengths and colors.

As in other fashion areas, as well as in coloring, the main trend of 2021-2022 is naturalness.

The most fashionable hair coloring techniques of 2021-2022 are represented by natural and natural coloring options that allow you to achieve the most natural effect on your hair.

Stylists offer us the most fashionable hair coloring of 2021-2022, represented by such popular techniques as ombré, sombré, shatush, beibilites, balayage.

When choosing a fashionable hair coloring, it is worth considering the length and natural color of your hair in order to achieve the most beautiful and natural result.

In the fashionable coloring of 2021-2022 there are also very unusual and original colors of hair coloring – shades of pink, blue, blue, azure shades, which are quite extravagant and bold.

We suggest you get acquainted with the most popular techniques of hair coloring 2021-2022, as well as choose fashionable hair coloring for medium, short and long hair, the photos of which are presented in this fashion review.

Trendy coloring 2021-2022 years: ombre and sombre

Fashionable hair coloring techniques ombré and sombré are quite similar to each other. Stylish ombre coloring is a beautiful smooth transition of color of one shade into another, creating a beautiful effect.

Ombre coloring looks original and beautiful, thanks to which it is very popular. This type of hair coloring looks more effective on dark hair, allowing you to achieve a beautiful smooth transition from the natural dark color to the lighter ends.

The smooth transition of color when using the ombré and sombré hair coloring techniques should start from the middle of the hair length in order to create a beautiful effect on your hair.

Sombré coloring allows you to achieve an even smoother color transition, which is achieved not only horizontally, but also vertically by using more shades of the same color.

The beautiful sombré coloring 2021-2022 is perfect for the fair sex who want to lighten their strands a little bit, giving their hair a greater depth of color.

Fashionable bebylights coloring 2021-2022.

A popular hair coloring technique this season is babylights. Dyeing “babylights” as if creates the effect of “sun bunnies” on the hair, which looks incredibly beautiful and original.

The babylights technique involves lightening the hair strands at the ends, which creates an unusual effect. The best way to create a “sunburst effect” on curly hair with russet or light brown shades.

Fashionable Balayage Coloring 2021-2022

Popular staining 2021-2022 balayage is performed in a special way: the paint is applied by the master on the surface of the strands. This application technique allows you to achieve the most natural effect of hair coloring.

When coloring balayage, two shades of the same color are used, which creates a natural effect of color burnout in the sun. Trendy balayage coloring looks good on gradual haircuts, allowing to achieve the desired effect.

Trendy coloring 2021-2022: bright and unusual shades

Stylists offer in the season 2021-2022 the most unusual fashionable hair colors: bright blue, blue, pink, purple, turquoise, and also hair coloring imitating the space “galaxy hair”.

The fashionable hair coloring 2021-2022 of this type is very unusual, original and bold. Not every girl and woman will agree to such bold experiments with the hair.

If you still choose this bright type of coloring, then you know that you will definitely be in the spotlight, attracting the amazed looks of others.

Fashionable coloring 2021-2022: photo, fashionable coloring techniques, trendy colors for hair coloring…

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