The most fashionable outfit of winter 2021-2022- 8 rules how to stylishly combine clothes this season

If you want to make your winter look a little more interesting, be inspired by the ideas from our selection. We tell you what combination of clothes will be the most actual this season.

Bright down jacket + leather

Contrast of colors, a game of textures – that’s the formula for a stylish bright image for winter. All elements of the outfit mutually complement each other. Voluminous blown down jacket visually softens the rough bottom, while leather pants, on the contrary, compensate the simplicity of the top. To add relevance to an already stylish combination, bet on the trendy shades of the season – green, bright blue, orange and fuchsia.

Tight pants and a brutal sheepskin coat

Despite the fact that the image is assembled in black and white, it does not seem boring at all. Combination of different volumes helps to play up the neutral coloring of the outfit. Brutal, massive sheepskin coat compensates the narrow bottom and soft white heavy knitted sweater softens the coarseness of the outerwear. Perfect!

Eco-fur and leather.

Another example of a successful combination of textures – soft, voluminous fur and smooth, shiny leather. It looks moderately bold and adds character to the look. To intensify the effect, add a contrast to this outfit with color.

Bright scarf in monochrome combinations

A scarf is not just an extra warm layer in your image, but also a bright detail that may well become defining. If you’re a fan of monochrome combinations, use the accessory as an accent to dilute the monochrome scheme. It will also help you to set the mood of the outfit!

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White base + black accents

Change the rules and choose white as your base for the winter look. Of course, this option won’t work for all weather, but on a warm, sunny day you can safely resort to such an experiment. Use contrasting black details as an accent – it could be a belt, shoes, purse, glasses, scarf or gloves.

Knit suit and coat

If you want to emphasize comfort, use a knit set of hoodies and joggers as a base, and throw a long wool coat on top. It in this case perfectly compensates the simplicity of the base layer and will add a noble note to the image. In addition, a maxi coat will balance the volume and visually elongate the silhouette, thereby making you taller and slimmer.

Sweater over jacket

A great solution for work. A sweater, casually thrown over the shoulders over a jacket, will become an additional stylish layer and visually soften the austerity of the image. At the same time you can use it according to its purpose, in case if it suddenly gets chilly in the office. Comfortable!

Sweater under the jacket

The combination of a voluminous neckline sweater and an oversized blazer is a winter closet classic. You can pick up two things in tone, combine contrasting shades or bet on a monochrome sweater, which will duplicate the color of the print on the jacket. There are many options – the choice depends only on your taste preferences.

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