The « preppy » style is back in trend and that’s how it will be used in 2021

If you love Blair Waldorf clothes in Gossip Girl, Olivia Palermo is your style icon and you took advantage of the fact that knitting vests are in fashion to fill your wardrobe, then the ‘ preppy ‘ trend is for you .

That look halfway between good girl, high school and retro that was so used in 2014 and that had Poppy Delevigne and Alexa Chung as its main representatives,  made its return this season . It was a subtle process that started in the fall with the knitted vests mentioned above, accompanied by varsity sweaters and embroidered cardigans. Then came the pleated skirts , which are used both in plaid and in white, in the style of tennis or paddle.

To these trend pieces we must add all those basic backgrounds that, combined, create the most modern looks. A shirt, a raincoat, a checkered scarf, loafers with socks … surely you already have them in your wardrobe. So why not expand your repertoire of preppy looks this season?

What is the Preppy style

The  preppy  began in the mid-1970s, in the shape of an urban tribe of select and well-born young people. However, “preppy” is the abbreviation of the word “preparatory” in English, and to be considered a  preppie  such young people should be included in one of the most renowned preparatory schools in the northern United States, about to attend the prestigious universities in the country.

As can be seen, this style previously adopted went beyond the way of dressing, and encompassed a lifestyle surrounded by a high social and economic level, such as a refined vocabulary, thus prioritizing an extravagant way of life, valuing status , family reputation and places frequented, as well as pride in the educational institution and sports practiced.

Here are the 10 key pieces to master this trend that will make you feel like you’re in Manhattan.

The romantic blouse

If the white shirt is an essential wardrobe, a romantic ruffled blouse is a must-have for a ‘mauricinha’ girl. It is perfect to wear with all your coats, miniskirts, sleeveless dresses and suit pants.

Bomber jacket

It’s time for you to rescue your bomber jacket from the back of the closet, because this season it will be used again. If you don’t already have one, take the opportunity to buy one that will cost a lot this season: the university bomber. With patches, ‘oversize’ and with stripes.

The knitted vest

It is no secret that knitted vests are in fashion. Since the fall, her popularity has continued to grow, as have the clothes she can wear. Preppy girls opt for striped or diamond designs and match white shirts like this one.

The tweed clothes

There is nothing more ‘elegant’ and timeless than tweed clothing. In large part, it is due to the fact that it is the type of fabric that Chanel uses most, hence its association with a more classic style. Now, in 2021, it can be used in many ways, and one of our favorites is to combine different outfits in different shades and add casual touches.

The V-neck jumper

A V-neck knit jumper and you are the key to elevating any look. You can wear it with jeans, pleated skirts, sweatpants … And if you want to dress up a little more, you can put a white or striped shirt underneath.

A trench coat

The trench coat is not only the perfect jacket, but it is the ideal outfit to elevate any look. To get the preppy look right , choose to wear it with a little more formal clothes like a shirt dress, black minidress or baggy pants. Another style trick that will elevate your style is to wear a thin scarf on your shoulders, ‘très chic’.

The short cardigan

The short cardigans have been one of the major trends for autumn winter. The secret to wearing with a more lady style is to opt for a coat with a soft touch fabric, close the buttons and add leggings that stylize the look.

The double-breasted coat

Having a good black wool coat is essential in any wardrobe, but if you choose a long, double-breasted coat, you will have the perfect coat. Combine it with a baby collar and bow tie for that touch of school uniform. On the feet, you can add a nice pair of leather boots.

Moccasins with socks

By now, you may have noticed in your Instagram feed that loafers with socks are on the rise. This fashion from the eighties is ideal to give a neat touch to any pants, even ripped jeans. For a feminine touch on these men’s shoes, opt for a short shoulder bag and a fitted blazer.

The pleated skirt

It all started with the classic white tennis skirt , which has now evolved into the pleated skirt. Checkered skirts are not only part of school uniforms, but also an irreplaceable part of a ‘Mauritian’ girl’s wardrobe. Combine it with shirts and jumpers to keep that dressy look and add a trendy point with a leather jacket.

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