The rapper Cazzu rejects having an affair with Christian Nodal

The Argentine rapper Cazzu has become popular and has been one of the most sought after on the internet in recent weeks. In addition to promoting her most recent record production in Mexico, what most caught the public’s attention were the photos that were shared in which she is seen holding hands with the Mexican singer Christian Nodal.

However, the photographs walking hand in hand through the streets of Guatemala were not the only thing that caught the attention of their followers, since they have also been seen very close together, accompanying themselves to their concerts and showing off on their official Instagram accounts.

Christian Nodal walking hand in hand with Cazzu

The suspicious closeness between the two artists generated a great impact on both the fans and the media, so the rumor of a possible romance did not take long to appear. However, in a recent interview for exeArgentina denied having a love relationship with the interpreter of I forgot.

Cazzu attended the Jessie Cervantes show at exe to promote his new music album entitled cheating babe and in said meeting, the announcer did not miss the opportunity to question her about the doubts about her alleged relationship with Christian Nodal.

Speaking about her musical themes, the interpreter of Boss She assured that she conceptualizes her music as a black style and full of spiders, but that she likes to write about love, so she does not close herself to the opportunity to sing romantic songs.

Jessie did not miss the opportunity to ask sarcastic questions about whether she would get a tattoo with a couple’s face or eyes, and then cover it with wings just like Nodal did with Belinda’s. Finally, when questioning her about the collaboration that the rapper had with the Mexican regional singer in one of her concerts when interpreting the song if you miss someoneshe replied immediately:

Selfie of Christian Nodal and the rapper Cazzu

Well, I had a great time, it was a surprise, really, as I had not planned. I just went to see the show and, well, it came out of the blue, like singing together and, actually, we sang my favorite song. I really like his music.

After his answer, the announcer began to ask him about love and his sentimental situation, to which Cazzu replied that he likes to write about it, but not so much to live it. In addition, she assured that her career does not give her the time to have a relationship and for now she is focused on releasing new record productions.

Cazzu during the interview with Jessie Cervantes in Exa

No, well, and aside from everything we work on.

At the end of the interview, the Argentine rapper focused on talking about her music, which includes genres such as reggaeton and trapas well as the occasional romantic song, although she does not know if it tends to romanticism or not, since she assured that her productions differ from the rest by having an urban touch.

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