The Spaniard who cut off his nose and made horns to look like the Red Skull from The Avengers

Galician Henry Rodriguez underwent 15 painful surgeries, including a partial nose amputation. The man obsessed with modifications went for it for the sake of resemblance to the character of the series of films “The Avengers”, the Red Skull. The Spaniard claims that he has no regrets about completely changing his appearance, and his 7-year-old son considers him a “super-dad”. Find out how far Rodriguez is ready to go in his transformation.

Tattoo artist Henry Rodriguez, 34, decided to completely change his life in 2012. He began to transform his appearance to resemble the villain from the movie “The First Avenger,” the Red Skull.

Rodriguez wanted to be unique and for this he consulted with a doctor to find out how to transform with the help of modifications. The tattoo master drew up a long-term plan, according to which he began to turn from an ordinary person into a monster.

First, Henry got a tattoo on his eyes, and then underwent 15 operations. The modifications cost him 27,255 pounds (approximately 35.898,90 Dollar).

The man’s nose and earlobes were partially amputated, and silicone implants were inserted into the forehead, cheeks and eyebrows. In addition, he made several transformations to slightly differ from the classic Red Skull look and add personality to himself.

Henry admits that all the procedures were painful, but he is ready to do much to make his dream come true.

The Spaniard went through all the modifications in Venezuela. About a year ago, Henry moved to the town of Ourense in northwestern Spain, where he now works in a tattoo sign.

The tattoo artist never once warned the family about the upcoming modifications. He just appeared in front of them after the procedures, surprising with new changes. At first, the relatives were shocked about the ongoing transformations, but then they got used to them.

Rodriguez’s seven-year-old son considers his father the best in the world. He likes his dad’s unusual appearance. When asked if he would allow his child to modify himself in this way, Henry replies that he would give him the freedom of choice, but only upon reaching the age of majority.

The Spaniard advises those who are going to radically change their appearance to think it over well and not succumb to impulses.

Henry claims that he hasn’t changed internally since the start of the modifications. He says that aesthetic changes do not affect character and attitude towards the world.

The surrounding people react to the unusual Spaniard in different ways. Some people laughs at him, some respects his choice, and some looks with disgust. However, Henry has many friends who support him.In the future, the man plans to make several more modifications, but so far he keeps them secret. His appearance matches his work in a tattoo sign, attracting clients. Henry is looking forward to the next festivals and events dedicated to body transformations after the quarantine, so that he can participate with his son.

There is no limit to the transformation of appearance. A resident of Finland completely changed her face, having pierced, huge elf ears, having filled almost the whole body with tattoos and dividing her tongue into two parts.

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