The two types of people in the world; a funny perspective

Have you ever heard the phrase “There are only two kinds of people in the world”? There are those who prefer coffee with milk, while others want it Americano, just as there are some who get up when the alarm clock rings and there are others who must set a minimum of three alarms every five minutes. Whoops!

All this means that we are different and that this is not an impediment to living together in society. However, today we will look at these differences from a fun perspective. Here are 10 images that show that there are indeed two types of people in the world. which one are you?

1. The first day of school

the first day of classes

2. Dog lovers and those who prefer cats

with the dog and with the cat

3. With mom / With dad

with mom and dad

4. At the costume party

at the costume party

5. The Artist / The Programmer

the artist and the programmer

6. At Christmas

In Christmas

7. For a trip

for a trip

8. Lego fans

lego fans

9. With OCD / Without OCD

eat ice cream

10. At lunchtime

potato chips

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