The YouTube star has made cosmetics for children. But it looks like she wanted to poison them (and this was not a joke)

Popular YouTube girl Jojo Siwa has released palettes for teenagers, and people are very unhappy with this. And the point is not at all that her fans are too early to wear makeup or that her parents do not want to overpay for the brand. It just turned out that such cosmetics are life-threatening.

Jojo Siwa (Joel Joni Siwa) is a popular American dancer and singer. At ten years old, she became famous thanks to the dance reality shows Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition and Dance Moms. Then the girl moved to YouTube: her video Boomerang, released in May 2016, gained more than 700 million views in three years, and almost 10 million people have subscribed to the YouTube channel Its JoJo Siwa itself.

Now Jojo is 16 years old, but she still focuses on children and adolescents, dresses in bright clothes, and the signature element of her style is a bow on her head (she has several hundred such outfits).

Jojo recently released cosmetics for teenagers. Children’s makeup kits have arrived at Claire’s cosmetics and accessory stores.

Only on Friday, June 7, it became clear: buying such sets was a mistake – and that’s putting it mildly.

This was reported by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The FDA is releasing new results from ongoing testing of cosmetic products for asbestos today and advising consumers not to use products that have tested positive for asbestos and have been withdrawn.
Asbestos is a fibrous material that is sometimes used in the construction, automotive and other industries. It also causes cancer.

Asbestos dust is a carcinogen and today asbestos is banned in 63 countries, including the European Union, Australia and Canada. By the way, in the US, there are some of the largest deposits of this mineral and a lot of things are produced from it – for example, slate.

Claire’s has already announced that Jojo’s beauty kits have been withdrawn from sale voluntarily “out of precaution,” but such small quantities “are considered acceptable under cosmetic safety regulations.”
But it hardly calmed people down.

Although some took this news with humor, because in everything you need to look for a positive side.

And some commentators remembered another YouTuber, whose cosmetics disappointed everyone. True, in that case, it is still not clear what was in her lipstick.

And some people already suspected that there was a conspiracy theory behind it (and started making funny pictures).

It’s about Jacqueline Hill and the cosmetics she started selling to fans. Inside her lipsticks, more and more surprises are found – disgusting and unhygienic . And some people already suspected that there was a conspiracy theory behind it (and started making funny pictures).

And people took up arms against one more star because of the means for washing. Rather, because of the way she uses it. The fact is that Kylie Jenner does not know how to wash . And the video about it really confused the fans.

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