There is a depression that is often confused with “bad mood”

Have you met people who “are bad all the time”? Worse still, do you feel that your bad mood has already exceeded the usual time and it is not normal to continue feeling this upset?

There is a type of depression that is not necessarily related to sadness and crying, but indirectly it is a wake-up call that something is wrong with your mental health.

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The dysthymia, also known as persistent depressive disorder, is a disease of the psyche in which patients are described as “angry” or “grouchy”. Their “bad character” makes them pass for people who live with a bad mood, however, it could be dysthymia and due to the “normality” with which people in a bad mood are seen, it is difficult to reach this diagnosis and its cure.

What distinguishes dysthymia from other disorders?

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The psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Mario Louza, a doctor at the University of Würzburg in Germany, explains that the main sign of suffering from this type of depression is the long stages of anger and moodiness; a chronic disorder that can last at least two years.

Other symptoms are disinterest in daily activities, hopelessness, lack of productivity, and low self-esteem, commonly recurring signs among depression patients.

However, the difference is that these symptoms are chronically prolonged and increase without there being a change, which is why it is difficult to diagnose it, or at least to notice it among those who surround those who suffer from it.

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The psychoanalyst Soraya Hissa de Cargalho assures that this disorder is better known as “bad mood disease”, since among the social roles of those who suffer from it (family, work or circle of friends) they are commonly called “the bitter one” or “boring”. ”, but disinterest is just a symptom of what may actually be happening because of dysthymia.

The treatment and cure of this mental health problem is found first in an effective diagnosis and later in psychotherapy and adequate treatment, which involves antidepressants and in some cases mood stabilizers.

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The most important thing to reverse this negative perception of the world is to see a specialist, explain the symptoms and be willing to try to change. If at any time you think that it can’t be a coincidence to feel like this for so long, and with problems to make sense of what it’s worth, don’t hesitate to approach someone who listens to you and start treatment.

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