These Are the Jeans We’ll All Be Wearing in 2021

Jeans are that classic piece that never ceases to be fashion, right? Always innovating, we can find several jeans trends 2021. And to stay on top of fashion, we have selected here several tips and inspirations for looks with the jeans trends 2021. Follow us to check it out!

2021 Jeans Trends

And let’s be honest: jeans just always work. Jeans are simply one of our absolute favorite items in the wardrobe, because they are super versatile and can be easily combined with anything.

A little spoiler before going into detail: the motto of jeans this year is “Comfort is the key.” It means: Comfortable, baggy cuts, like boyfriend jeans or baggy jeans , will become even more popular in 2021 and leave skinny jeans tight for now.

We will tell you what are the jeans trends that await us in 2021, how to use them correctly.

2021 jeans trends: baggy jeans

Spending all day in tight jeans is not pleasant, is it? After spending most of the time in comfortable sweat pants in 2020, we don’t want to run out of wide-cut pants this new year. Designers also recognized the need for comfort, because wide-cut and baggy jeans are one of the styles of jeans this year and have long conquered the looks of the streets.

Baggy jeans are, so to speak, the counterpart of jeans for sweatpants, because fashionable pants are cut baggy or wide at the hips and legs. The term “baggy jeans” means, so to speak, all models of jeans that are anything but skinny. They can be wide jeans with straight legs, boyfriend jeans or wide models, which were extremely popular in the 90s and are now appearing more frequently on fashion radar.

The best thing about jeans with their wide cut: they are not only extremely comfortable, but also real-body flatterers.

How do I style baggy jeans?

Baggy jeans are easy to wear and use. Baggy pants are particularly effective with tops, high collars, etc. Anyone, on the other hand, who wants to rely entirely on the wide and comfortable look, can combine jeans with an oversize jacket, boots or casual sneakers. Our favorite look: baggy jeans with delicate sandals! The style break is particularly exciting.

2021 jeans trends: paperbag pants

Paperbag jeans have long been an absolute trend piece. And in 2021, trousers were in high demand again – but designers gave classic models a stylish update. Because instead of being tied around the waist, the new models are now tied around the ankles with laces. The whole thing is called: Inverted paperbag jeans.

The ankle ruffle creates a mini flap, which makes the jeans variant fun and stylish. You can use this model with pumps and sandals.

Blue denim is trending in 2021

Gray jeans were absolutely indispensable in late 2020. This is changing again. This year, the focus is on tried and tested classics. It means: Blue denim jeans are back in focus.

The faded medium blue models are particularly popular. They are anything but boring, they always go well and match everything and will certainly be in fashion for years to come.

Totally modern in 2021: bootcut jeans

Bootcut jeans have been around for what seems like forever – but only in recent years have they appeared on women’s radar again. By 2021 they will even be one of the biggest jeans trends of all time.

The pants are characterized by their narrow cut on the hips and thighs, which are slightly enlarged from the middle of the legs. Particularly sought after this season are the extra-long bootcut models , of which only the tip of the shoe appears. They go very well with high-heeled boots.

2021 jeans trends: straight leg jeans and mom jeans remain a trend

New trends or not – of course, there are also jeans cuts from last season that are still up this year. The most important silhouettes, which were already popular in 2020 and will continue to be a trend in 2021, are straight leg jeans and mom jeans.

As a reminder: Mom’s jeans have a high waistband that extends to the navel. The legs are narrow downwards (similar to a carrot). Straight leg jeans, on the other hand, are cut in a straight line.

What makes the pieces so popular? Both straight leg jeans and mommy cut models are neither too tight nor too wide, they are more uniform and versatile that can be easily worn with anything.


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